Bork’s Paradise: Foreign Selections From 1995 to 2002

TROY forum contributor Tired And Broke put together this compilation for our enjoyment:

I get blessed with so much dope shit at this site, I figured I’d give back for a change. So I threw together a nice little 25 track compilation of joints from Non-American Artists (either Emceeing, Production or Both) that I’ve been listening to heavy lately. Enjoy.

Get the track list and the download link after the jump. Click on the picture of the Swedish Chef to see a version of this website translated into his Bork-speak.

01. Square One – State Of The Art (Part One) (Germany,00)

02. Frankenstein feat. Afrolistic – Agony & Ecstasy (Canada,97)

03. Creative feat. Hi-Tech – The Presentation (Remix) (Denmark,98)

04. DJ Krush feat. Black Thought – Zen Approach (Japan,01)

05. Baby J feat. Freestyle – Focus (UK,98)

06. DJ Honda feat. Black Attack – Life Shit (Japan,01)

07. DJ Adam 12 feat. Saukrates, Chace Infinite & E-Rule – Wonderful World (Canada,98)

08. Swollen Members feat. Aceyalone – Consumption (Canada,98)

09. Dynamic Syncopation feat. Mass Influence – Ground Zero (Canada,99)

10. Roots Manuva – Movements (England,99)

11. Cipher – The Sequel (Canada,99)

12. The Planets feat. Planet Asia & 427 – On Fire (UK,02)

13. Baby J feat. Poetic – Savior (UK,98)

14. Square One feat. A.G. & Party Arty – Square Biz (Germany,01)

15. Creative feat. Hi-Tech & Promoe – Continuously (Denmark-Sweden,98)

16. Mathematik – Rhyme Trainin’ Remix (Canada, 99)

17. Scritti Politti feat. Lee Majors & Mos Def – Tinseltown To The Boogiedown (Psycho Les Remix) (England,99)

18. Tek9 feat. Chace Infinite – Teknology (UK,99)

19. Dynamic Syncopation feat. Yeshua daPoED – Losing Your Soul (Canada,99)

20. Tek9 feat. Cheewa & Manifest – Gettin’ Down Again (UK,96)

21. DJ Honda feat. De La Soul – Trouble In The Water (Japan,98)

22. Roots Manuva – Ital Visions (England,01)

23. Mathematik – Better By The Letter (Canada,99)

24. DJ Honda feat. Problemz – Around The Clock (Japan,98)

25. DJ Krush feat. Mos Def – Shinjiro (Japan,96)


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8 Responses to “Bork’s Paradise: Foreign Selections From 1995 to 2002”

  1. Yohan says:

    That bork translater is the best thing in my life right now.

  2. Holly says:

    This a really nice compilation – thanks!

  3. Jensen says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Give us a foreign mix pt.2 plz!

    Late ’90’s earl ’00 Scandinavian rap is not to be slept on! Lots of quality rap; in English too.

    Artists like: Chords, Promoe, Timbuktu, Looptroop, Warlocks, Tommy Tee, ect ect.

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