Dead Prez – These Are The Times (video)

The homie Verge found this on YouTube (where else?)

Old & rare stuff! Artist: Dead Prez Songs: 1 – “Happiness” – You can find this song on the dead prez album “Let’s Get Free” 2 – “Food, Clothes & Shelter.” – You can find this song on a 97 promo tape named “Food, Clothes & Shelter” 3 – “These Are The Times (Novus Ordo Seclorum)” – You can find this song on a 97 promo tape named “Food, Clothes & Shelter”

There are some great songs featured in this video, and the whole feel of it reminds us that the late 90s era wasn’t all flossy and shiny, there was a dark, conspiratorial, pre-millenial tension you could cut with a knife.

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5 Responses to “Dead Prez – These Are The Times (video)”

  1. HOAXone says:

    I worked for Loud Rec out in the West Coast back in the day (97-98) and I have this promo tape at home as well as the 1/2 inch video. I recall hearing the promo tape for the forst time and thinking these cats where on some other stuff which to me was mad dope but wondered if folks would catch on.
    The Prodigy produced “Food, Clothes & Shelter” is bonkers…

    • Thun says:

      Do you feel the album lived up to the hype when it finally got released?

      • HOAXone says:

        Ha by the time their record dropped alot of time had gone by since that promo tape….I felt the album had some gems here and there but it felt kinda scattered – the production sound was kinda bare bones (not the same promo tape sound) but the lyrics were still laced with TNT which was dope. Was kinda left wanting more on the production end of it I would say and though the direct consience lyrics were like razors it kinda got lost in the shuffle with all the yr 2000 releases.

  2. verge tibbs says:

    Yes, I found this on the youtubes after reading a Werner article about that promo tape. This version of “Happiness” and the one on that promo tape is one of my fav dp tracks ever. But the one on the album, even though the drum changes are slight, it makes a world of a difference. I don’t even wanna hear the LP version anymore. Shame this stuff didn’t drop when intended.

  3. June Da Kid says:

    They used to be one of them groups who a lot of folks just missed out on. i think if they came out right now with all the garbage coming out, i think they would be more praised.

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