Ultramagnetic MCs “Chilling With Chuck Chillout”

Dope on …. acetate?

Chilling with Chuck Chill Out” one sided acetate. Never pressed to vinyl or on any Ultra Magnetic albums or compilations. This is probably a one of a kind acetate played exclusively by Chuck Chill Out at the beginning of his historic radio mix show in the late 80’s on KISS FM. One of the few early ultramagnetic recordings that is slower in tempo. Nice Herbie Hancock break and wild abstract verses from the whole crew.

The record was sold for us$2827 on Ebay

With a price tag like that should we feel bad for wanting to download the mp3?

Spotted via Grandgood via Stitch By Stitch.

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4 Responses to “Ultramagnetic MCs “Chilling With Chuck Chillout””

  1. scjoha says:

    This is dope.
    Well, I would like to download. Divshare usually works fine for me, but this link obviouslyonly provides the listening option. Please tell me how to dl this. Thanks!

    • Thun says:

      There’s a plugin for Firefox that should help you out, i think it is called “video downloader” but it works for audio as well…

  2. thanks for sharing my post on “thetroyblog”

    an easy way to get in on your PC is a youtube video downloader …

    peace mytee thor

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