Blogospheric Conditions: April Snow

It snowed on the first day of April here in Jersey. No significant accumulations but MURDER DEATH KILL anyway. Thank god for the rap bloggasfear, which continues to churn out great reading material. Links after the jump, as always.

More links to rap related content can be found at Hip Hop Is Read’s “Rap Round Table.”

Also, please take some time out to check out No Jumper, a new rap website (webzine?) conceived by the same guy who brought you the “Yayo Dancing” Tumblr. He’s apparenty recruited a whole lot of writers for a diverse assortment of reviews and articles, so it looks promising. Note to Yayo, though: I’m not linking to individual articles until you fix the RSS feed. Get with the program, already! Also, another collaborative website called George Bush Money was recently started, so go check their content out too.

Now Playing – AmpGeez reviews new songs from Lil’ Wayne, Action Bronson, and others.

Two Man Horror Film – Space Age Hustle and Dream Collabo compile Main Attrakionz songs for the uninitiated.

My Trip to MoMA’s Hip Hop 1.0 Exhibit – Fresh recounts his disappointing visit to the MoMA’s attempt at a hip hop themed exhibit.

Labels – How the industry has changed – harlemworld

Cool & Dre Keep It Fundamental on “Shake” – Amir Said praises the Miami producer duo, who “they cooked up a banger, by following the move and feel of the sample, getting out of its way, and, like a responsible doctor, remembering to ‘not do any harm.’ ”

InstaRapFlix #35: Ghostride the Whip – Werner Von Wallenrod reviews a documentary covering Bay Area rap music.

Main Attrakionz – N***** On The Run Eatin EP – Our a-alike blog Steady Bloggin’ presents an nine-song EP from the Oakland based group.

Classic Samples – Juicy Fruit – djbluebird recounts the many uses of Mmtune’s famous funk-pop jam, aside from the most obvious one.

Song of the Day: DMX – Intro (It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot) – mobdeen shows how the intro to DMX’s debut acts as a perfect summation of the famously embattled emcee’s idiosyncrasies as an artist and as a personality.

canis canem edit – donelanguage speaks upon One Thurd’s “Whoosh.”

Race-baiting for pleasure and profit – Dom Passantino takes the Root and The Guardian to task for recent commentaries on R&B and genre delineation.

Blaqbird “I Was Sad” – Noz draws our attention to Blaqbird aka zeroh, a “a strong writer in the run on sentence Anti-Pop Consortium/Pharoahe Monch vein and sounds like either Aesop Rock or Brother J from X-Clan.”

An Interview With Mr Hyde (Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) – Troy Smith sits down with Mr Hyde to discuss the rap life and life after rap.

RESPECT. Busta Rhymes Story – Busta reflects on his career.

ALBUM REVIEW: Everything’s Berri – hl reiterates his praise of A.G.’s solo album from last year.

DOOM’s remix of Cam’s That’s Me was so much better than the original – The Martorialist draws our attention to a remix that improves upon the original.

‘More or Less Dangerously Wounded’ – Ta-Nehisi Coates locates a parallel between the masked soirees of New Orleans during the 19th century and the hip hop clubs of Baltimore in the 1990s.

More Tales From Shaolin Land Namsayin! – Big Ghost remembers how it was all so simple then.

De La Soul’s Maseo: Salute The DJ – Jack Paine interviews Plug Three.

TIMELESS: Smoothe Da Hustler Revisits “Once Upon A Time In America” – Paul W. Arnold asks the Brownsville rapper about his come up and the recording of his debut album.

Hip-Hop’s Great Gay Hope: Rainbow Noise – Brandon Soderberg takes a look at the provocative song/video and contextualizes its content and message.