Touring The States: Richmond, CA

Filthy Phil is said to be the first rapper who used the phrase “Player Hater“. On the same titled track he explaining that term.

His second tape, The Manhunt, Filthy Phil released while he was on the run from the FBI for shooting and killing police officer. He appeared on Americas Most Wanted.

He also released album in 2002, “Money Hungry Hustler“, but for some reason he quickly pulled all of the remaining copies off store shelves and retired from the rap game.

Thanks to Trunk Muzik for the infos.


01. Consequences
02. The Payback
03. Player Haters
04. Party In The Projects

–>Download Consequences album<–

01. The Manhunt
02. War In The Streets
03. Deadgiveaway
04. B.I.T.C.H

–>Download The Manhunt album<–


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  1. Droopy says:

    cool, thanks for those facts and good jams

  2. kubres says:

    PLEASE RE-UP Consequences ALBUM!

  3. Edwardo says:

    I like what you dudes are now up to. This type of smart work and reporting! Keep up the awesome work guys, I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

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