Random VLS Drops: Sham & The Professor – Coney Island (1992)

Sham & The Professor released only one album “Split Personalities”  on Freeze/Priority in 1994.

This is their second single.


01. Coney Island (Tee’s Smoove Mix)
02. Coney Island (Sub Base Mix)
03. Murder On My Hands
04. Coney Island (TNT Groove)
05. Coney Island (Radio Mix)

–>Download Coney Island VLS<–


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4 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: Sham & The Professor – Coney Island (1992)”

  1. Good shit man! I have this 12″ which is from ’92. I think this is their 1st release? And I gotz everything by them on vinyl & their album from ’94 on cd. Whatever happend to them???

  2. @ Markshot – I just read what you wrote and you said this was from ’93, but it’s actually from ’92 (I even just looked at my record). I just checked Discogs too and it appears this is their 1st release. I assume you think their 1st release is “Who’s At The Door,” but if you look at the records number, “Coney Island” is MR-50024 and “Who’s At the Door” is MR-50035. Yes it says that on Discogs, but I’m looking at my copies of these records, so it’s official.

  3. m says:

    These cats actually released another album in 2001 called Devil’s Playground. Its pretty good too but really hard to find.

  4. Markshot says:

    damn i completely forgot about that release..
    thanks for reminding me.

    from the start i wrote it was 92, don’t know where did you saw that its 93.
    i might got that info wrong, thanks for the assist.

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