Random VLS Drops: Two Kings In A Cipher – Movin’ On ‘Em (1990)

A duo D.O.P. (Derric “D-Dot” Angelettie) and Noble Ahmen-Ra (Ron Lawrence) released their debut album in 1991 called “From Pyramids To Projects“.  It was released on Bahia Entertainment which was under the RCA.  The album didn’t had such an impact but of of the artist reached a very successful production careers, producing the songs for an artists such as Notorious BIG, LL Cool J, Positive K, Mase etc.

This is their debut single.


01. Movin’ On ‘Em (The Hard One)
02. Movin’ On ‘Em (The Soft Radio One)
03. Movin’ On ‘Em (Instrumental)
04. You Know How To Make Me (Midnight Mix)
05. You Know How To Make Me (Radio Edit)
06. You Know How To Make Me (Instrumental)

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3 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: Two Kings In A Cipher – Movin’ On ‘Em (1990)”

  1. done says:

    Ha i think D-Dot openly admitted later on they didnt believe in any of the afrocentric stuff and were just cashing in on a trend. Never actually heard any of 2 Kings before, above songs nice.

    I might up the HHC i read about them in now, I remember the article being funny emough.

  2. nyc says:

    Tell em why you mad son!! D dot=The mad rapper…I remember in an interview with d dot him telling the story on him meeting big for the 1st time. He was surprised that big knew who he was…I think big made some jokes on this video.

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