Blogospheric Conditions: On The Cusp Of Equinox

You probably slept on Organized Konfusion’s Equinox. Stop lying, yes you did. But don’t sleep on the best links from around the bloggasfear from the past week.

Keep On Keepin’ On (Test Pressing Hotness) – Werner Von Wallenrod delves into some ultra-rare Outsidaz material.

Naughty By Nature – Naughty By Nature (September 3, 1991) – I have criticized Max’s track by track review method in the past for resulting in shoddy prose and shallwo criticism, but this piece is for the most part engaging and insightful.

The Bass and the Movement – Jeff Weiss discusses the merits and pitfalls of rap’s increasing flirtation with a variety of electronic dance music genres. If Weiss had abstained from snark for the entirety of the article, it might have been useful in demystifying the other genres to hardcore “rap dudes” inclined to dismiss them outright.

Old School Hip Hop Flyers – If you don’t enjoy looking at old school hip hop flyers, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Say “swag” one more fucking time, I dare you.

Word To The Wise Intelligent – The Martorialist describes his ambivalence towards former Poor Righteous Teachers lead’s latest album.

Keyboard Money Mike – The Unkut Interview – There’s more to that ol’ boom-bap than just looping breaks, silly elitist. I suspect that some of Mike’s stories are embellished or perhaps misremembered but this is a fun read, nonetheless.

Milwaukee’s Old School Hip-Hop Scene Excavated on Wax – The title says it all.

Odd Futurism – Bethelhem Shoals of freedarko.com fame links Odd Future’s mix of fore and levity to a variety of literary styles and movements. I’m not really convinced by his conclusions but it’s an engaging read and I’m pretty shocked that poetryfoundation.org entertained this article since they have treated rap music in the past with the exact combination of condescension and windy overthinking you’d expect.

The 30 Greatest Hip-Hop Demos – If you don’t enjoy listening to demos by some of hip hop’s most revered artists, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Chariman Mao curates this list, full of gems from the likes of Nas, Common, UGK, Brand Nubian, The Artifacts, 213, and more. We’ve covered some of these demos here before (as well as others not mentioned), but I doubt there are too many people on earth who have heard all of the selections.

Not A Blogger Redux: Can’t Deny It: Nate Dogg (1969 – 2011) – Doc Zeus discusses the man behind one of hip hop’s most distinctive voices.

My Money Straight by E-40 ft Black C, Guce, & Yung Jun – DJ Bluebird shows appreciation for a new E-40 song without resorting to fanboy hyperbole. A good example of how criticism can be positive without being obsequious or zealous.

Re: Greatest Hip Hop Demos – Noz discusses Chariman Mao’s list and the difficulty of pinning down an exact definition for “demo.”

Mike G — Forest Green – Dylan Michael discusses Mike G, who might hold the dubious distinction as being the most quickly underrated member of Odd Future.