The Anonymous (aka Moonshine aka Vertigo)

Over at the TROY forum, a thread about turn of the century Cali-based rap crew The Anonymous has yielded some interesting information. Casaltja writes

The Anonymous aka Moonshine aka Vertigo is: Vesuvio (MC/producer), Able Body One (MC), Mr Zinn (producer) and Dr. EZ (DJ). They broke up around 2000.

I asked Drez a few weeks ago is there any chance to a reunion and he said not too much.

Anyway Vesuvio is working on his solo debut album according to his myspace site, Able hosts a radio show, Zinndeadly still produces dope tracks for various artists and I think everybody should have heard about the most prolific member DJ Drez nowadays (Jahta Beats, his project with Zaire Black and Marty Williams, innumerable mixtapes etc.).

They released four albums, plus three instrumental cds.

Their beats are incredibly dope, IMO Zinn and Vesuvio are one of the best producers in hip-hop (no joke)

Here are some useful links:

Interview with JB D’Mulatto on early collaboration with Eminem

The Anonymous – Green and Gold (features cameos by Eminem, Iriscience, Divine Styler, Eule, and many others)

Moonshine – Weep No More

Vertigo – Swells Of Abstract

Vesuvio’s debut solo album (2011)

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  1. meeee says:

    I wonder what “Swells of Abstract” was released on. Probably Vinyl?
    Do you probably have a clue?

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