Blogospheric Conditions – Spring In Sight

You pick the place and we’ll meet in the meadow, to discuss musical issues and tension. Twitter is a violent keg, did I forget to mention? Around the bloggasfear this week there was a lot of astute criticism going on, some of it scathing. I love it. Links after the jump.

A.G. A.K.A Andre The Giant Interview – Fifth Element provides a nice summary of A.G.’s rap career, plus links to a four part video with the god himself.

What can below-mediocre Italian-American rappers tell us about race relations in 2011? – I’m not even sure I follow Dom Passantino’s argument (I lack perspective on ethnic relations in the UK) well enough to agree or disagree, but this article is engaging, informative, and very funny.

bAZy area – The Martorialist sees an age of unlimited possibilities arising out of AZ’s connection to a a Bay Area record label.

She Eats Writers Like Part of a Complete Breakfast – T. Coates sees a parallel between the way Jane Austen employs “the polite language of the gentry” to expose their actual lack of civility and the way that rappers use “regal language to discuss thuggish behavior.”

Roosevelt Leaks – In 1995, did Dave Tompins receive a cassette containing four tracks from a certain as yet unreleased classic Wu Tang solo debut album, complete with an encrypted message, from Rap Pages editor Gabe Alvarez?

How To Send The Wrong Message As A Rap Magazine – g rightfully blasts XXL.com for a few recent instances of half-stepping.

Cat In The Hat Ass Rappers – g puts the New York Times magazine on blast for arriving at erroneous conclusions regarding Dr. Seuss and rap music.

M.O.P. 1994 interview – Indy digs up an M.O.P. radio interview that features the duo interacting very positively with fans. I feel like NYC-based hip hop is viewed as this huge, illusory, often obnoxious and self-aggrandizing global corporate presence, but artifacts like this remind us that this scene is still a local scene, its players real people (for the most part).

O.C. – Starchild Beat Fanatic Remixes – In 2005, slopfunkdust and !llmind were asked to remix O.C.’s Starchild album. The project was eventually dropped, but as the ten minute sampler they turned into the label indicates, it would have made for a great album.

thinking of big* – bin-alredidoneit discusses the evolution of Biggie’s style to its height of perfection.

101100100111101001011101001101 – bin-alredidoneit discusses his preference for De La’s earlier, less literal style of speak.

Pusha Man –The Problem with Pusha T – Abe Beame criticizes Pusha T’s unfortunate descent into lyrical mediocrity.

“Its ridiculous, nobody bust one shot for BIG…” – In honor of Biggie, download “a mammoth posse cut by Busta Rhymes, Maino, Red Cafe, MOP, Uncle Murda, Styles, Sheek & Lil Cease called ‘March 9th’.”

Culture King interviews Damage from Yaggfu Front – Culture King interviews Damage From Yaggfu Front.

Based On A Two Way Street – Noz takes hip hop purists and their beloved artists to task, in response to the Twitter-furor surrounding Lil B’s collaboration with Phonte Fraggle, Jean Grae, and 9th Wonder. Brandon Soderberg also does a good job explaining why the collaboration is interesting but not nearly as strange as the Twitterverse makes it out to be.