T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday (Week 14)

Editor’s Note: Never on schedule but always on time. Enjoy.

The year is 1769. The Return Of Bai Me happens early in the 7th month. After he came and drank from The Cup he fell in a coma for 5 years to find himself awakening in a desolated temple. To get back in shape he forces himself to Fifty Days Of Sword Practice. One day Bai Me is picking apples in the garden near the temple when he stumbles upon an old, poor man, his name is Ming Lu Khan. The old, poor man tells Bai Me of the 800 tails of gold the evil lords have put on his head, but instead of going for the gold he offers the teachings of Kung Fu. Meanwhile the Generation Moonwarriors who have heard of the reward are seeking for Bai Me. It takes many days for Bai Me to master the art of The Horse, The Sword & The Vengeance.

1773, Bai Me leaves the school and starts the hunt for the wicked one. Near and old medicine store Bai Me finds a place to Rest. The very next day he receives a Letter From Ming Lu Khan. Bai Me leaves for Kwantung. It’s inhabitants hear of this and expect a War At The Temple. He hesitates to enter but the sound of sad melodies on the other side of the door attracts his attention. As the sun sets Bai Me finally gets a chance to fight the wicked one but first he must defeat his enemy who uses the Snake vs. Crane. And now he must defeat the fearless Ten Tigers Of Kwantung. After defeating the Ten Tigers Of Kwantung Bai Me claims Victory in the end.

Moongod Allah-Return Of The Ten Tigers (2002)
01 Cilvaringz-The Return Of Bai Me
02 Doc Blake & Feathers-The Cup
03 Cilvaringz, Origin, Magpie & Fraze-Fifty Days Of Sword Practice
04 Magpie & Feathers-Ming Lu Khan
05 Cilvaringz, Origin, Moongod Allah, Doc Blake, Magpie, Fraze, Psiklops & Roze Peddle-Generation Moonwarriors
06 Fraze, Doc Blake, Psiklops & Feathers-The Horse, The Sword & The Vengeance
07 Origin & Doc Blake-Rest
08 Origin & Magpie-Letter From Ming Lu Khan
09 Cilvaringz & Origin-War At The Temple
10 Doc Blake & Roze Peddle-Snake vs. Crane
11 Cilvaringz, Doc Blake & Fraze-Ten Tigers Of Kwantung
12 Cilvaringz & Feathers-Victory


This disc and part 1 are some of the better Wu-Fam material I’ve ever heard. I wish Moongod Allah was still making music, as he seems to have disappeared completely. Scans are included in the download, including his autograph from when I bought this back in 2002.


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