Yungstar: A Throwed Young Player

When I listen to Yungstar’s verses, I feel like my brain is running on a treadmill set on high and it has to take giant strides in order to catch up before my Occipital lobe smacks into the back of my head. Only every time my brain reaches the front, the treadmill unexpectedly slows down.  But just when I think the sprint is over, the mind fartlek begins again.  Yungstar’s mumbley-start-a-new-word-before-he-finishes-the-previous-word style has always reminded me of a more adventurous Ma$e. Listening to Yungstar’s un-segmented lines is like watching a millipede race over a rocky trail. Interestingly, much of his subject matter is about movement-“skating down yo street,” “crawling down slow,” “slip and slide,” “swang and swung,” “Benjamin Franklins on my feet,” and “an I-10 hauler.”

Although Yungstar didn’t coin all the terminology on his 1999 release Throwed Yung Playa, his organized and comprehensible delivery helped serve as a Rosetta stone for Houston rap vernacular, which lead to the country’s commodification of Texas rap slang, especially in other parts of the South.  Yungstar turned this traditional knowledge, in the intellectual property sense into traditional knowledge, in the dollars and cents sense.  A prime example is Yungstar’s verse on Lil Troy’s Wanna Be A Balla?

Download: Yungstar: T.Y.P

Some of my favorite songs off Yungstar’s 1999 release Throwed Yung Playa: Grippin Grain, Knockin Pictures Off The Wall, T.Y.P.


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