XXL: Take Down That List, Homie

Though I’m a Biggie fan and acknowledge that he had an effortless flow and commanding delivery matched or bested by only a very select few, I’m not one of those super serious die-hard fans who think the man was bound to become President or walk on water if only he hadn’t been assassinated by COBRA or whatever. I certainly don’t see the need to intellectualize his legacy, though I’m not mad at anyone who wants to celebrate his life and music, either.

One thing I’m not fond of, however, is tacky exploitative idiocy. g at Grandgood called XXL’s website out for this particular crime the other day, in response to their imbecilic 15 Things Prodigy Should Do Now That He’s Out Of Jail post.

Today they hit us with 14 New-Millennium Artists We Would’ve Liked to See Biggie Collaborate With, a list in the same vein but somehow even more insultingly stupid. It isn’t just that the choices are questionable or that the commentary is insipid— with DJ Khaled and Joell Ortiz named as desirable collaborators, best believe that powerful cretinism and poor taste run amok  is at work here — it’s that this list was run for no good reason. Honor the man, post some videos, remark about how he was the greatest to ever do it alongside Tupac or what have you, but don’t reduce the man to the rank of  potential collaborator with this era’s least likely to succeeds, also rans, has beens, and fall-offs. That contradicts your holding him in high esteem, douchebags.

It’s bad enough that XXL canned the gawd Bol without warning. Did someone over there really think that anyone would read this list and think to themselves, “YES! If I had one wish related to rap it’d be for Biggie to rise from the dead and do a song with YAOWA!!!!” Dumb fucking assholes. Do your penance by firing whoever wrote or mandated this horseshit. — Thun

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25 Responses to “XXL: Take Down That List, Homie”

  1. Abortatron says:


    Bloggers be makin lists just to make fucking lists..

    Well said.

  2. hl says:

    “YES! If I had one wish related to rap it’d be for Biggie to rise from the dead and do a song with YAOWA!!!!”



  3. done says:

    ha! these days those full clip peices are the only thing about xxl thats stopping me boycotting em alltogether. firing bol just shows how fundamentally clueless they are but i suppose they always were, they had the greatest roster of rap bloggers evar back in the old days and blew that too.

    i dunno how there still are people on the internet that havent realised that no one gets any enjoyment out of shit like lists and these “what if” articles, except for them that like pointless comment section debates. or maybe they do and its just grand scale trolling for hits and response posts like this.

    if only it turned out jay-z actually spends all his free time on rap blogs and his next singles going to be another godawful trend-killer song ala d.o.a. or off that, denouncing xxl, nmc, rapradar etc. not too likely tho cos theyr the only places that cosign his current creative peak.

  4. Droopy says:

    If theres one thing I hate more than those kinds of wish lists, its putting those wish lists on wax. I almost puke everytime I hear Biggie or Pac mixed with D12, Eminem, 50cent, and other totally bogus rappers.

    One caveat is this song- It didnt offend me at all–
    -even though, Pac is talking about Tommy Hilfiger in this song, it still works on this recent release.

    • done says:

      cosign, especially when they lump loads of dead rappers together on a song. recording in two different studios is bad enough, 2 different planes of existense doesnt exactly make for great chemistry in my opinion.

      dunno man, that pimp c songs sacrilige to my ears but i do kind of like some songs off that first posthumous biggie album (second if you count life after death)

      • Droopy says:

        I respect your opinion and think I understand why its sacrilige to your ears, but you dont even think it just sounds good? I think it was mixed well.

        Also you reminded me of something Ive wondered for a long time…Do you think Pac and Scarface were in the same studio when they recorded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0Vk0EL-r8g? If so, man that must have been a cool recording sess.

        • done says:

          i see what you mean but nah its not for me, i do like certain parts of the beat tho.

          the tupac and face song definitly sounds like a natural collaboration and its not very far fetched for them to have ties, face having collaborated with west coast artists like comptons most wanted and seagram before. ha i imagine that video feeded heavily into the 2PAC IS ALIVE rumourmill, especially with the (maybe a little exploitative) ressurection imagery used in it.

          yeh i hate to play the xxl speculation game but i wonder if face and pac collaboing on an album could have produced that focused complete tupac allbum we (in my opinion anyways) never got. they both had similarly inclinations towards introspective and emotional gangster shit and face could have played executive producer cos hes defintly capable f making classic albums.

          and cheers its not often someone respects my anything

          • Droopy says:

            Funny that you say that, there were always rumors of a 2Face album. In fact if you google Pac Scarface album, you can find some questionable downloadable versions. apparently the real one never came out bc Afeni didnt give it the ok.

  5. Teddy C.D. says:

    Say what you want about DJ Khaled.. But Ortiz is nice. 😉

    • done says:

      ha i will say that haled is hilarious and has way way more charisma (if that word can be used to describe a human being that horrible) than joell.

      but i must admit i like him occasionly

    • Thun says:

      He really isn’t. But save this debate for later because I have a Saigon/Ortiz double review that should drop next week.

      • done says:

        ha i predict a grilling.

        i completely understand why anyone couldnt find khaled to be anything other than a painfully irritating, untalented creator of lifeless, random posse cuts over generic runners production who sets a really bad precedent in a number of ways, not least of which that of being a dj/producer who cant dj or produce but i just find him and his high pitched adlibs, video presence and just his awkward personality in general hilarious for some reason. but i cant really legitemtly defend it or why i would devote this much time to explaining/justifying it so a debates out the question. the mcdonalds ad tho, come on.

  6. Meh, Biggie was better than many of the garbage rappers today but we must move forward. We all know who killed him…

    Hip Hop Website

  7. Davey says:

    wow you really think Joell is wack or wouldn’t do a great collabo with Biggie?

    • Thun says:

      The point was that I don’t give a shit and you shouldn’t either.

      But to answer your question, yes, Ortiz is wack and definitely beneath collaborating with Biggie.

  8. Brandan E. says:

    the only person i see BIG collaborating with in today’s game is Kanye. and thats it. and im talkin about the Kanye of ’04-’06, not present Kanye .

  9. thrillisgone says:

    XXL sum the whole thing up best when describing a Biggie/Khaled collabo – “This one seems like a no-brainer”.
    Yes, yes it does.

  10. philaflava says:

    Didn’t read but did Tyler The Creator make the list?

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