XXL: Take Down That List, Homie

Though I’m a Biggie fan and acknowledge that he had an effortless flow and commanding delivery matched or bested by only a very select few, I’m not one of those super serious die-hard fans who think the man was bound to become President or walk on water if only he hadn’t been assassinated by COBRA or whatever. I certainly don’t see the need to intellectualize his legacy, though I’m not mad at anyone who wants to celebrate his life and music, either.

One thing I’m not fond of, however, is tacky exploitative idiocy. g at Grandgood called XXL’s website out for this particular crime the other day, in response to their imbecilic 15 Things Prodigy Should Do Now That He’s Out Of Jail post.

Today they hit us with 14 New-Millennium Artists We Would’ve Liked to See Biggie Collaborate With, a list in the same vein but somehow even more insultingly stupid. It isn’t just that the choices are questionable or that the commentary is insipid— with DJ Khaled and Joell Ortiz named as desirable collaborators, best believe that powerful cretinism and poor taste run amok  is at work here — it’s that this list was run for no good reason. Honor the man, post some videos, remark about how he was the greatest to ever do it alongside Tupac or what have you, but don’t reduce the man to the rank of  potential collaborator with this era’s least likely to succeeds, also rans, has beens, and fall-offs. That contradicts your holding him in high esteem, douchebags.

It’s bad enough that XXL canned the gawd Bol without warning. Did someone over there really think that anyone would read this list and think to themselves, “YES! If I had one wish related to rap it’d be for Biggie to rise from the dead and do a song with YAOWA!!!!” Dumb fucking assholes. Do your penance by firing whoever wrote or mandated this horseshit. — Thun

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