Blogospheric Conditions: In Like A Lion

We won’t go out like a lamb though. The week in noteworthy posts from around da bloggasfear, after the jump.

Celluloid – The Electro Years – Unheard78 reviews a compilation of early 80s electro.

Non stories & current Hip Hop Journalism – H World criticizes the frivolity and idiocy of online rap “journalism.”

Underground Railroad 2-28-2004 (Easy Mo Bee) – Nes digs up an hour of Easy Mo Bee killing a set of original breaks.

Lupe can rap…so what? – I’m not crazy about Bomani’s argument but he does set up a good discussion about the many reasons people give for appreciating particular pieces of music.

chimchimchiminy – Fleshndone discusses the CRU’s “The Dirty 30” and album that is both overrated and underappreciated at the same time.

Saigon “The Color Purple” – realniggatumblr drops the juvenile too cool for school act and dispenses some wisdom for the ages. One of those rare instances in which a critic’s opinion is significantly more important and poignant than the piece of music under consideration.

Great songs from forgotten rap albums # 15 – The Martorialist does what he does best: spotlights the gems that nobody else bothered to notice or simply forgot about it.

Hey-Ya, Hey-Ya, Can I Get Some? – Warner Von Wallenrod discusses the re-press of Courageous Chief’s Warpath EP.

Droptops & Anita Baker Tapes – Get caught up in the rapture, it’s good for your health.

eee aye eee aye oh – A pdf scan of Hip Hop Connection’s well-researched and superbly written Top 100 MCs list? Why not?

6 Feet Deep – Jeff Weiss explains his preference for “Six Foot, Seven Foot” over “A Mili.” I can’t disagree, thought I think the whole bit about g’s moving in silence is pretty stupid.

Some Recording Artists Are Better Off Selling Free Promotion Flyers – Amir Said skewers artists who put their art behind their web 2.0 “hustle” but offers hope for change.

The SoleSides Crew Presents: Radio Sole 1 – Unheard78 digs up a compilation that will undoubtedly appeal to “all the DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Latyrx, Solesides/Quannum lovers out there.”

The Rise Of Rap’s Regular Guys – Brandon Soderberg identifies G-Side, Tabi Bonney, and Stalley as rappers whose prideful back stories represent a pleasant departure from the “petulant meta-narratives” hustled by Drake, Big A.I.T.E.  and others.



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    cheers dunn its appreciated and youv also made me realise i need to change that cheesy as fuck name.

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