Do You See (Or Not See What I See): Warren G – In The Mid-Nite Hour

Almost as bad as waiting for an apology from a friend you know you will never get, I have yet to see a blog dedicated to (old school) rap, review or even mention Warren G’s 2005 release, In the Mid-Nite Hour.  Artist loyalty, a trait many “fans” lack is evidenced by this album’s lack of support or even hindsight recognition. Granted, many rappers have a tendency to fall off. Lil Flip a.k.a Flip Gates’ latest album will never be what the Leprechaun was, but it is important to give a listen to those you used to support.

“In the Mid-Nite Hour” is honestly “dat fire.” If it were released in 2011, it would be “dat Kush.” It was produced by Warren G, Terrace Martin (before all his buzz), Raphael Saadiq, and Marlon Williams. Some notable features on the album are Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Mike Jones, Raphael Saadiq, and Bishop Lamont.

This album was NOT a release to fulfill a music contract nor was it a scheme to make money off his remaining loyal fans. How do I know? In 2010, I saw Warren G, on tour for The G Files, at the Williamsburg Music Hall. After performing Regulators like 3 times for all the hipsters, I yelled out “play anything off In the Mid-Nite Hour!” He told his DJ to stop the music and Warren asked, “who said that?” I raised my hand and yelled again, “In the Mid-Nite Hour was the most underrated album of 2005!” Warren shook my hand and said, “thank you,” then he performed “I Need A Light.” Additionally, Warren chose the title because he stayed up “all nights” working on the album.  Warren G worked hard on In the Mid-Nite Hour and it rivals his previous releases.  You should definitely check it out or at least give it a chance. Respect your elders.  Below is the link to download “In the Mid-Nite Hour.” Let me know what you think. — Droopy

Download: Warren G’s album from 2005

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