East Coast Rarities Volumes 70-79 (1989-1998)

Keeping on with my east coast 12 inch compilation series. Today I bring volumes 70-79 to the table. Track 1 on volume 70 here has got to be one of my all time favorite tracks, any region, artist or era. It’s an anthem. Don’t sleep on everything else here though. These compilations can get pretty obscure so I hope you settle in and listen to them all.

Volume 70 —

01 (3:48) Black Caesar – Black Caesar 1994
02 (5:09) Nipskcab Fam – Fam Members Only 1998
03 (3:22) Sandinistas – Madd Luv (Remix) 1995
04 (2:50) Flex & 9MM – Six Million Ways To Die 1994
05 (4:02) Krs One – What I Know 1995
06 (3:23) Main Source – Freakin’ The Funk 1992
07 (4:00) Trends Of Culture – Make A Move 1997
08 (3:51) Ill Biskits – Chill Factor (Radio) 1996
09 (4:02) 3rd Degree – Better Days 1995
10 (3:51) Black Majik – Bring It If You Wanna 1996
11 (2:59) Lee Ramsay Presents – If You Could Change (Radio Edit) 1997
12 (4:11) Mobb Deep – Drop A Gem (Clean Version) 1996
13 (2:55) Baby Sharks – Legacy Of Pain 1997
14 (4:09) DJ.Eli And Shan Boogs Feat. Cage – And So Kiddies 1997
15 (3:07) Verbally Diseased – Killanoize 1997
16 (5:18) Double Life – Revolutions 1995
17 (3:25) Da Cor – Strait Shots 1995
18 (3:53) Brainsick – Stick To The Plan 1998
19 (5:07) Gig Saw – Bulleyez 1996
20 (4:47) Missing Elements – M.E 2G1 1996

Volumes 71-79 after the jump!

Volume 71 —

01 (4:16) Madman Shawn – Walk Thru Hell 1995
02 (4:37) Kutfather – Thoughts I Generate 1995
03 (0:40) Conception – Outro 1995
04 (3:26) Naughty By Nature – Uptown Anthem (Live at Yo ! Mtv) 1993
05 (4:40) Dominant Force – When We Flex 1992
06 (4:12) Junior M.A.F.I.A. – Gettin’ Money 1995
07 (2:49) Kaotic Style – Top Billin 1997
08 (3:51) Stezo – Tension Off The Chest 1994
09 (4:24) Mic Geronimo – Shits Real 1997
10 (2:52) Xtracts Of Slang – Deliverance 1997
11 (4:45) LA The Darkman – I Want It All 1997
12 (5:36) Lord The Arkitec – Listen Closely Ft Royal Flush And Mic Geronimo 1997
13 (3:53) Pudgee Featuring DMX – Inner City Blues 1997
14 (4:23) Slomo – Hip Hop Can’t Stop (Natural) 1996
15 (5:00) Iron Kurtin Network – Lost Art 1995
16 (3:38) Dee Surreal – Call Of The Wild 1997
17 (3:19) Fourfifths – Earth Wind And Fire (Final Mix) 1997
18 (4:35) VA Mass Vinyl – Book Of Death (Instrumental) 1997

Volume 72 —

01 (6:24) Redman – I Get Down Like That 1994
02 (2:17) Freestyle Professors – Rap Mathemetician (Edit) 1994
03 (5:19) Naughty By Nature – Mourn You Til I Join You 1995
04 (2:12) Blaq Poet – Most Dangerous 1995
05 (4:46) Playa Hamm –  Just Wanna Hit 1995
06 (3:59) High Authority – Who’s The Top Choice ? (Instrumental) 1993
07 (4:53) Boogie Down Productions – Feel the Vibe, Feel the Beat 1992
08 (2:07) Newcleus – Trigger 1992
09 (3:31) Queens Brooklyn Connection – Back To School ( 3 R’s Radio Mix) 1989
10 (4:43) Cutmaster – You Know Who The Fuck I Am 1994
11 (4:42) Nine – Whatcha Want (Radio Version) 1995
12 (4:42) D.o.i. – Worst Thing In The World 1995
13 (3:57) Q Ball & Curt Cazal – Boon Dox 1997
14 (4:19) Junior Mafia – Murder Onze 1995
15 (4:51) Reflexions – Tell Them What 1994
16 (3:30) Da Lowly Ones – Gold Rushers 1997
17 (3:59) Hi-Tech & J-Treds – Weak Minds 1997
18 (3:27) La The Darkman & Raekwon – As The World Turns 1996
19 (3:29) Inna Citi – Inna Citi 2000

Volume 73 —

01 (00:03:47) Keith Murray – Dip Dip Di (You Remix Me) 1995
02 (00:03:42) Krs One – Mortal Thought (Kenny Parker Rmx) 1994
03 (00:04:02) K-Solo – I Can’t Hold It Back (Sams Mix) 1992
04 (00:03:35) Brotha Life – The Wreck’a (Original Mix) 1993
05 (00:04:44) Gang Starr – Jazz Thing (Video Mix) 1990
06 (00:04:25) Black Rebellion – Too Many Suckers 1990 (San Diego I think, woops)
07 (00:03:57) Big Magnetic – Who Got Da Flow 1995
08 (00:03:42) Vision Quest – Soul Clique 1995
09 (00:03:41) Ruff, Rugged & Raw – Panic Button 1995
10 (4:23) Blackstract – 40G’s And A 9 1991
11 (4:47) Various Artists – Where Ya At 1995
12 (3:28) Hitman Squad – Nothing But The Truth 1994
13 (3:58) E. Bros – Toast 1994
14 (4:15) Mind Space – Who Got The Funk 1995
15 (3:54) Fortress – Unda-Ground Phlavaz 1996
16 (5:06) Method Man – All I Need (Razor Sharp Mix) 1995
17 (4:04) X Man & H Squad – From Yo’ Blind Side 1996
18 (4:41) Hellraizer – Sample The Coffin (Graveyard Mix) 1995

Volume 74 —

01 (00:03:54) Big Daddy Kane – How U Get A Record Deal 1993
02 (00:03:01) K-Solo – Rock Bottom 1992
03 (00:04:09) Keith Murray – This That Shit 1995
04 (00:03:26) Brotha Life – Show Taker (Show Take One Mix) 1993
05 (00:04:12) Mytee G. Poetic – Listen To The Lyrics 1995
06 (00:04:52) Stezo – Shining Star 1997
07 (00:04:30) Rock The M.C. – Dont Stop The Hip Hop 1996
08 (00:05:18) Bushwick Clique – Street Warz And Scars 1997
09 (3:51) 24-7 – Step Into The New Millenium 1995
10 (4:08) Noggin Nodders – Duck Duck Duck 1996
11 (3:41) Legit – Junglez Of The East 1997
12 (4:15) No False Lyricists – Who Ever Thought 1997
13 (3:36) Ruff, Rugged & Raw – Jump, Wiggle It (Smoke Out Mix) 1995
14 (5:03) Grand Puba – I Like It Ft. Sadat X (Buckwild Remix) 1995
15 (4:53) Positive K & Mash Out Posse – How Ya Livin 1997
16 (3:48) Jungle Brothers – 40 Below Trooper 1993
17 (3:59) Blackstract – I Stole Your Girl 1991
18 (4:01) Brother Shams – Teach The Youth The Truth 1993
19 (4:25) Mc Evil – Can You Get Wreck 1992

Volume 75 —

01 (00:04:06) Kool G Rap – On The Run 1992
02 (00:03:50) Ill Advised – Names (54th St. Version) 1996
03 (00:03:22) No False Lyricists – Funk the Radio (Dirty) 1997
04 (00:04:18) Godfather Don – Piece Of The Action (Dirty) 1995
05 (00:04:23) Big Daddy Kane – Here Comes Kane Scoop & Scrap (Album Version) 1993
06 (00:06:19) The Jaz – A Groove (This Is What U Rap 2) (The Boilin’ 12″) 1991
07 (00:04:17) Gangstarr – Lovesick Upbeat Mix 1991
08 (00:05:08) Rek ShOt Rebulz – Make Ya Feel Betta 1993
09 (00:03:41) One Deep – Crime Stories 1995
10 (4:08) Empty Pockets – Very Own 1994
11 (4:36) Concrete Mob – Monopolize 1996
12 (3:54) Da Dysfunkshunal Familee – Boundaries 1997
13 (3:45) Kavasci CI – Isreal 1997
14 (4:45) The Professionals – Sit Back Relax 1997
15 (4:21) Icf – Now Or Never 1996
16 (3:06) The Imperial One – Madness 1995

Volume 76 —

01 (00:04:18) Rough House Survivers – You Got It 1997
02 (00:04:40) Stezo – Mr S 1994
03 (00:04:24) Chris Lowe – 1 Midnight Blue 1993
04 (00:04:42) Jay Sun Nyc – Ain’t Havin It (Jeep Mix) 1995
05 (00:05:48) N Tense – Watch His Back 1993
06 (00:03:18) Us Plus One – For All My People Locked Down 1994
07 (00:02:47) Mahogany – Virtual Reality 1996
08 (00:04:58) Cactus Jack And Da Bulldogs – Big Money Slug 1994
09 (00:03:48) Tripps – New York New York 1995
10 (3:10) Lo Down – Mask Of The Phantom 1994
11 (3:24) Tragedy – The Judas Theory 1995
12 (3:56) Vandals On Da Run – Down Low 1994
13 (4:08) Cool Manu Badns – Light The Fire (Dirty) 1997
14 (4:30) Raw Breed – I Want In (Raw Clean Mix) 1997
15 (4:02) Branded Black – Check Tha’ Mic 1996
16 (3:57) Network Reps – Life To Live 1997
17 (4:32) Elem3nt – Evil Echos 1996
18 (3:43) Aktovoir – Chapter One 1997

Volume 77 —

01 (00:03:11) Nas Ft. Biz Markie & AZ – Understanding (Demo Version) 1993
02 (00:03:31) Trybal Men And Jam – Watch Me Blow 1995
03 (00:02:33) Big O – Shmoov Wit Da Ruffness 1994
04 (00:05:06) Run Dmc – Down With The King 1993
05 (00:03:36) Zartan – Time Up 1993
06 (00:04:13) Us Plus One – Murder Me 1996
07 (00:03:32) Ran Reed (Ft. Cella Dwellas & Moonie D) – The Introduction 1995
08 (00:02:57) Brass Tacks – Empires 1995
09 (00:03:37) Man Digga – Comin Through 1995
10 (3:22) Gemini – Super G 1994
11 (4:05) Tripps – Rage 1995
12 (2:57) Sandinistas – Higher 1997
13 (4:35) Sherlock – Vipers 1997
14 (4:08) Freshcoast – Fuck a government 1996
15 (3:48) Kutfather – Hard Core 1995
16 (5:04) Sadat X – Straight East Coast 1996
17 (3:47) Spark 950 & Timbo King – Hello It’s Me 1993
18 (3:26) Rook & Bishop – Drama 1996
19 (4:16) Eyesoulated Mindz – I Got You 1997
20 (3:57) M.T. – Prepare For My World War 1996
21 (4:01) Vandals On Da Run – Ricans With Low Haircuts 1994

Volume 78 —

01 (00:04:06) Scientists Of Sound – The End 1995
02 (00:04:19) T.H.U.G.G.S. – Move Your Body 1995
03 (00:04:14) Kutfather – Transmission 1995
04 (00:04:42) Deux Process – The Process 1994
05 (00:04:24) Ll Cool J – The Boomin’ System (The Underground Mix) 1990
06 (00:03:12) Brass Tacks – Game Iz Like 1994
07 (00:04:58) Rappin is Fundamental – Who’s Da Man ? 1997
08 (00:03:58) E-rule & Ed O.g. – Lessons 1996
09 (00:04:06) M.T. – Set It Off (Wickedness Remix) 1996
10 (3:55) Natural Mystics – 1 Life To Live 1996
11 (3:45) spectrum live – 50 grand 1997
12 (3:52) Non Phixion – No Tomorrow 1996
13 (3:49) The Prosecution – Couldnt Hang 1994
14 (4:57) Sfc – We 1994
15 (4:22) Lonnie B Ft. Danja Mowf – Make It Hot 1997
16 (4:03) Us Plus One – J D Double N Why 1994
17 (2:23) Don T – Da Ridim 1994
18 (3:59) Krs 1, Mad Lion & Channel Live – X Clue 1994
19 (3:44) Rudy Lo – Remember Me 1996
20 (4:18) Mass Hysteria – I Get A Rush 1996

Volume 79 —

01 (00:02:49) Justice System – Justice Funkin’
02 (00:03:57) Mobb Deep – Give Up The Goods (Just Step) 1995
03 (00:04:04) T.H.U.G.G.S. – Freaky Flow 1995
04 (00:04:03) Brass Tacks – Hidden In Sight (Classic Mix) 1996
05 (00:04:29) Flip Sydes – Kenyatta’s Escape 1994
06 (00:02:45) Nas – Life Is Like A Dice Game 1994
07 (00:03:18) Natural Mystics – How It Go (Remix) 1996
08 (00:03:44) Laster – Bare Witness 1997
09 (00:05:03) Igt – Ritual 1995
10 (4:20) Babigezus & Da Allstars Ft Greg Nyce – Cant Hold Us Down (Remix) 1997
11 (5:07) Tribalife – Damistageenuistick 1994
12 (3:59) Trybal Men And Jam – Money To Make 1995
13 (4:21) The Goats – Wake N Bake (Cookbook Mix) 1994
14 (2:44) Eastern Conference – Know A Little Nigga 1997
15 (4:53) Big Dubez And Ed O.g. – Act Like What You Say 1996
16 (3:44) Spectrum Live – Stay True 1997
17 (3:54) Cormega – Fuck Nas 1996

Leave some comments, let me know what you think. Thanks for checking this batch out. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest coming soon.

— Schenectadyfan

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97 Responses to “East Coast Rarities Volumes 70-79 (1989-1998)”

  1. Sean says:

    The Volume 70 file seems corrupted. I tried to open it twice on two different downloads and it fails.
    Still, I had to check my “Black Caesar” on YouTube and I dig it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Baoss says:

    can u give us new link for archive #70?


  3. scjoha says:

    I love this series – keep it coming! All these rare gems are great.
    Please reup #70 – I would love to have that Mobb Deep – Drop a Gem on em clean version.

  4. schenectadyfan says:

    Here’s another link guys. Sorry about that.

    Vol 70 —


  5. The Masked Marauder says:

    WOW!!! Back with another one Schenectadyfan!! I know you’ve already released 80’s but I still digesting the 60’s!!! I have all of the Vol’s on heavy rotation everywhere, and most of the tracks are new to me, feels like listening to college radio again, I feel blessed by just having the catalogue, good looks!!

    Just got the first 4 and Vol.3 is crazy!!

    Peace from around the way!!

  6. Jon says:

    these compilations are sick, recognize a few artist, wish i could download, damn megaupload getting fucked, you haven’t uploaded these anywhere else by any chance?

  7. Jon says:

    ahh jus saw the multiupload link, but doesn’t seem to be working either

  8. hardhitter says:

    I’m really thankful… but maybe you could reupp!? no link seems to be working 🙁

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