Bee Why – The Lost Tapes

While I appreciate posts about classic nostalgic ‘90s rap my fellow blog contributors post about, I will try and focus on obscure or under-appreciated artists who have skills or a dope sound but don’t receive as much attention as they should.

I’ll start this off with one of my favorite rappers from Queens who many of the TROY community may be familiar with, but probably don’t give as much shine to.

Bee Why created a little buzz in the late ‘90s with his knockin’ single The Boros. This ’97 track really epitomizes that dope ‘90s sound that isn’t dated and can still be in rotation today. The single was produced by Gee The Nutty Professor, who would later go on to produce for a myriad of emcees under the new name Ayatollah.

Bee Why released a few more bangin’ singles but never an official album. It’s really a shame too because duke is bananas on the mic and with ‘90s Ayatollah production, everything just clicks naturally.

He planned on releasing a compilation of unreleased tracks (all produced by Ayatollah) in 2007, but the project was never officially released, although it can still be downloaded and I heavily recommend doing so. The compilation, appropriately titled The Lost Tapes contains 13 tracks of solid, quality ‘90s Queens rap. Weakness and unnecessary filler is hard to spot on this record. I could go into depth on each song, but it would be more productive and beneficial to just take the time to download the project and see for yourself.

Personally, G.A.T.S. and Crazy Queen Niggas are some of my favorites, although choosing a favorite from this collection is difficult.

To sum it all up, the production is ridiculous and the lyrics, flow, delivery, and vibe of Bee Why really deserves more praise. If you haven’t downloaded this project, and you enjoy grimy Queens rap, it would behoove you to click the link.

Download: Bee Why – The Lost Tapes


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