Jadakiss Breaks Down His Catalogue

Full Clip: Jadakiss

Vibe.com continues their excellent “Full Clip” series. Jadakiss has been a fan favorite for years, a New York rapper’s New York rapper if you will. He does a stellar job discussing his career, and if the following excerpt doesn’t stoke your interest, this isn’t for you:

I tried to get over on BIG. I had some bars already written before I got into the booth and came up with the verse that you hear today. But BIG was like, ‘Nah…I like it, but I need something else.’ Now this is BIG telling me that I have to come with something better. I used to second-guess sometimes when Puff would tell me to switch up my verse, but when BIG told me, I didn’t even think about it. I just did it.

I went back to a neutral corner and started writing. I tried to ride this beat as much I could and say some hard shit. That’s when I came with, ‘You already know what it’s about when I run in your house…’ People loved that cadence and flow. Diddy was like, ‘You nailed it!’ BIG was the one that put the battery in my back. It was the same feeling for Styles and Sheek, if I could speak for them. BIG was the one that told us. ‘Yo, y’all are nice, man.’ Once he said that, that’s all I needed. I was on top of the world. I was ready to take this music industry on.

That’s exactly the combination of humility and pride that is the stuff of legend. Don’t sleep.

Spotted via Blackout Hip Hop

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2 Responses to “Jadakiss Breaks Down His Catalogue”

  1. done says:

    whoa jada, last person i woulda thought theyd tap for one of these. i love these articles, the ice cube one was so great.

    iv never really seen a decent interview with kiss where he got indepth, should be interesting

  2. MoneyMarc says:

    This was a good read. Jada is one of my favorites.There are not a lot of articles out there on him. I like the full clip series as well, all of them have been interesting, even Brandy and Ginuine.

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