Nice & Smooth “No Delayin'” VIDEO

I am an orator, dope rhyme connoisseur. No, this isn’t a new Nice & Smooth song — it’s a cut from their debut self-titled album from 1989— but its a brand new video, featuring the duo plus producer Teddy Ted and Big Daddy Kane (whose voice is sampled on the chorus) having fun shooting a video for a fly joint that never had one. I hope the trend catches on. Watch and listen closely and you might hear an exclamation that was later sampled by a Chicago-based emcee for the title track to his sophomore album, as well as Teddy Ted cutting a Bob James record in a spot that would later be sampled by a certain Clarks Wallabee-obsessed surrealist word twisting Wu Tang soloist on one of the most famous cuts from his classic debut. Just saying.

Via Old To The New

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