Some New Songs from The Grand Daddy (I.U.)

Were you under the impression that one of Strong Island’s smoothest emcees, the brain behind classic joints like “Something New,” and “This Is A Recording” had fallen off the edge of the earth and now lost in the depths of history? Well, you were very wrong. None of these songs are *brand* new — they’ve shown up throughout the blogosphere over the last several months— but they are recent enough to rekindle interest in the veteran rhymer, who is set to release an EP titled Self Made Man soon. The video for “Ready To Kill” (prod. Marco Polo) is as unaffected and dope as you would hope, a good sign of things to come.

Stream: Grand Daddy I.U. “Ready To Kill”

More songs after the jump. Props to Unkut and Blackouthiphop for keeping us in the loop.

Stream: Grand Daddy I.U. “The One”

Stream: Grand Daddy I.U. ft. Sadat X “Rhyme After Rhyme”

Stream: Grand Daddy I.U. “SWAT Freestyle”

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