Blogospheric Conditions: Spring Approaches

Here in the Northeast, we got a taste of warm weather early, and now we all have the fever. Take it easy and whittle away some time reading the best the blogosphere had to offer from the past week. Details after the jump.

Snaps Comedy CD AKA Bizmarkie Tracy Morgan & Coolio tellin Mom jokes…: Irish Craig offer his insight on the first attempt to capitalize on “the dozens” back in 1995.

Rare Yah Yah Appearances: Werner Von Wallenrod delves into the discography of a lesser known member of The Outsidaz.

The Best Rap Beats of the 2000s: Its a daunting challenge but David Drake has already posted sixteen choices, explaining his rationale for each.

Underrated / Underhated #9: Drew Huge tears apart the 1998 full-length debut by the Jansport/Incense set’s favorite duo, Black Star, but also takes the time to praise an obscure gem from their non-album songs.

Droptops & Cold Hearted Ungrateful Bitches Tapes: hl ain’t with that smooved out Valentine’s day noise so he uploaded a compilation that reminds the fairer sex that we’re on to their bullshit.

THE DEVANTE SWING COLLECTION: ugghnicewatch looks back at the genius producer behind Jodeci and the musical forefather of Timberland and Missy, among other things. He also provides a thirty track compilation for the occasion.

AG – I’m A Beast (Fat Beats 2011): YAYODANCING reviews AG’s latest release, which he insists in unfailry slept on and obscured by the positive attention given Roc Marciano’s Marcberg.

Punch Drunk Love – The Top Ten R&B Guest Verses: Abe Beame relates his favorite rap cameos on R&B songs.

The magic number # 2: The Martorialist discusses three underrated Dungeon Fam related songs.

All City All The Way: DJ Matthew Africa provides background information on songs that were mentioned in his interview with Joe Quixx.

O.C.-Word…Life (Wildpitch 1994): The Fifth Element takes a look back at O.C.’s classic debut.

Wild Pitch Records Tribute: Gimantalon curates Wild Pitch Records related rarities and demos from the likes of O.C., Large Professor, Chill Rob G and others.

Milk – Never Dated: Unheard78 takes a look back at Milk D’s underappreciated solo EP from 1996.

Puff Daddy and The Tuff Crew: Werner Von Wallenrod spotlights a jack move with positive results.