Shortie No Mass – “Like This” 12 Inch VLS

Those of you still nod your head to De La Soul’s third–and I would say best–album from time to time will also recall hearing, for the first time, the infectious presence of a female guest, who lent her smooth, uniquely cool voice to several songs and even rapped a verse on “In the Woods.” For me, Shortie No Mass’ charismatic charm and feminine appeal on Buhloone Mindstate are as memorable as any guests De La Soul has ever employed, and help make it one of their finest albums. Why she hasn’t appeared on more of their albums is a mystery to me.

The Philadelphia-raised femcee and cousin of Posdnuos never did release a full-length LP herself, nor, to my knowledge, has she joined De La Soul on wax since Buhloone, but she did embark on a solo career for a brief period of time in the mid-nineties, recording the 12 inch single  “Like This” b/w “U Like My Style” in 1995. For some reason the single was never released until Track Team Records decided to pick it up in 2002.

The first track features calming, ambient production by Rockwilder, with jazz-lain samples that provide the perfect canvas for Shortie’s slightly more aggressive delivery and her always magnetic voice. The second track, produced by Da Beatminerz, is slightly slower in tempo, with a memorable bass-line and a soulful piano sample over which Shortie raps in her characteristic, enjambed swing-pattern flow. The remix to “U Like My Style” (also produced by Da Beatminerz) is a decent re-working with a subtler beat and a faster delivery, but I still prefer the original. For vinyl heads who don’t yet own a hard copy of this, feel free to purchase it online (it’s only $6.50 on UGHH, but it’s currently sold out, and has been sold out for quite some time… other sites might sell it for around $8-$20).

Aside from Ladybug Mecca–who, in my eyes, will forever be the queen of femcees–Shortie No Mass has the best voice out of any female rapper out there, including MCs Lyte and Latifah. Her voice contains a very distinct and charming feminine flair but doesn’t veer off into shrillness or anything too high-pitched, and isn’t wheezy or scratchy like, say a Lil’ Kim or a Foxy Brown. (I’d hate to categorize Shortie with the latter two artists because she really sounds nothing like them… which is a compliment, I suppose.) If you’re at all like me, you’ve probably imagined how promising her hypothetical full-length LP would have been, or how great she would have sounded as a prominent, full-time Native Tongue. There is only, alas, just the one record–but as a debut single, it’s a knockout.


A1 – Like This (Vocal)

A2 – U Like My Style (Vocal)

A3 – U Like My Style Remix (Vocal)

B1 – Like This (Instrumental)

B2 – U Like My Style (Bonus Beats)

B3 – U Like My Style Remix (Instrumental)

DOWNLOAD –re-upped 5/9/12


Props to the cats at F.I.P. (For Indy Prosperity) for the original 256 kpb/s rip. Enjoy!


— Teddy C.D.

Shortie (center) in 2009.

A1 Like This (Vocal)
A2 U Like My Style (Vocal)
A3 U Like My Style Remix (Vocal)
B1 Like This (Instrumental)
B2 U Like My Style (Bonus Beats)
B3 U Like My Style Remix (Instrumental)

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10 Responses to “Shortie No Mass – “Like This” 12 Inch VLS”

  1. Thun says:

    Good write up. Shortie No Mass definitely had a dope little style, though her lyrics were a tad simplistic.

    Also, not to derail the topic, but the scratchiness and coarseness you hear in Lil’ Kim and Foxxy Brown’s voices added to their deliveries, certainly took nothing away.

    • Teddy C.D. says:

      Thanks man. Yeah, I agree with all of that–though I prefer Kim’s voice to Foxy’s. To me, it really depends on the song with Foxy. But really all I meant in the comparison was that Shortie’s voice is pleasantly different.

      • Thun says:

        Yeah, Foxxy’s voice is a little too deep sounding on certain mixes, which is off-putting when she’s trying to sound sexy. Lil’ Kim pretty much had a perfect delivery in her early days, I guess from being coached by Biggie.

        Shortie’s voice/delivery is definitely distinctive and pleasing, though I think a bunch of other female emcees have a much more powerful mic presence. But most of them are borderline manly sounding too,

  2. Boothe says:

    Shortie No Mass is not Pos’ cousin.

    She did an audio interview a few years back where she detailed her fallout with De La Soul. Apparently Pos was overprotective of her, and was adamant that she stay away from rap niggas.

    When she began dating Phife, she was basically cut off from the group. I believe she maintained that Mase and Dave didn’t have a problem with her, but couldn’t really say anything because Pos is the leader.

    While she didn’t come right out and confirm it, she speculated that Pos may have had feelings for her.

    • Teddy C.D. says:

      Wow, I have never heard any of this–I definitely remember reading that she was his cousin… That bit of info is completely off then; thanks for the heads up. Out of curiosity, do you remember who conducted the interview or where you found it?

      • Boothe says:

        I’m certain the interview was done by The Formula Radio Show. Unfortunately their website is down, and myspace page inactive.

        I think DJ Primetime still has a presence on the net (might have seen him on okayplayer recently).

        If you can get in touch with him, he may still have a copy of the interview.

        • Boothe says:

          I’ve also seen the cousin thing mentioned on the net a few times.

          I think it’s just a case of lazy speculation. Sort of like Chi-Ali being Dres’ cousin, or Chi appearing on the early De La records as Jeff.

          • Teddy C.D. says:

            Chi-Ali and Dres looked identical back in the day, save for the age difference. That rumor is a bit more believable to me, lol. Props on the interview info, Boothe.

  3. vaporized says:

    yeah both these tracks are really good, wonder if a mid 90s solo unreleased album is tucked away somewhere?!

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