Valentine’s Day Radio

Our covert Danish operative compiled this two volume compilation of 90s rap/R&B collaborations that couples can listen to together. The classics you know and love, Changing Faces featuring Jay-Z type of ish. Link and track list after the jump, playas.

V-Day Radio


Volume 1

01) Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Radio Version)
02) Mokensteff & Grand Puba – Hes Mine (Remix)
03) DJ Quik & Tony Toni Tone – Let’s Get Down (Remix)
04) Toni Braxton & Foxy Brown – Your Makin Me High (Remix)
05) Aaron Hall & Redman – Curiosity (Marley Marl Remix)
06) Shai & Jay-Z – I Don’t Wanna Be Alone (Marley Marl Remix)
07) Mary J. Blige & Big Pun – Round And Round (Remix)
08) Monica & Treach – Ain’t Nobody (Remix)
09) Notorious Big, Faith Evans, Total & Mary J. Blige – One More Chance (Remix)
10) AZ & SWV – Hey AZ (Remix)
11) Gina Thompson, Raekwon, Mike Nitty & Craig Mack – The Things You Do (Darkchild Remix)
12) N’Dea Davanport & Guru – Bring It On (Dj Premier Remix)
13) Total, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim & Da Brat – No One Else (Remix)
14) Mary J. Blige, Nas & DMX – Sincerity (LP Version)
15) Changing Faces & Jay-Z – All Of My Days (Remix)
16) Jodeci & The Dogg Pound – Come Up To My Room (Remix)
17) Ray J & Richie Rich – Whatever You Want (Cavi Remix)
18) D’Angelo & Redman – Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Def Squad Remix)
19) Dave Hollister & Slick Rick – Weekend (Clarkworld Remix)
20) Zhane & The LOX – Saturday Night (LP Version)

Volume 2

01) Montell Jordan & Redman – Somethin’ 4 Da Honeyz (Human Rhythm Remix)
02) Boyz II Men, Treach, Craig Mack & Busta Rhymes – Vibin’ (Remix)
03) D’Angelo & AZ – Lady (Dj Premier Remix)
04) Dave Hollister, Erick Sermon & Redman – Weekend (LP Version)
05) Aaron Hall & Notorious Big – Why You Wanna Play Me (LP Version)
06) Mary J. Blige & Smiff-N-Wessun – I Love You (Remix)
07) Davina & Raekwon – So Good (Remix)
08) Jodeci, Raekwon & Ghostface – Freak N You (Wu-Tang Remix)
09) D’Angelo & Kool G Rap – Brown Sugar (Beatminerz Remix)
10) Allure & Nas – Head Over Heels (Trackmasters Remix)
11) Method Man & Mary J. Blige – You’re All I Need (Puff Daddy Remix)
12) Monifah & AZ – I Miss You (Remix)
13) The Braxtons & Jay-Z – So Many Ways (Extended Mix)
14) Yvette Michelle – Everyday Everynight (Radio Version)
15) SWV, Jay-Z, Mr. Cheeks, Busta Rhymes, Smooth Da Hustler & Trigga Da Gambler – You’re The One (Mega Remix)
16) 112, Notorious Big & Mase – Only You (Bad Boy Remix)
17) Skin Deep, Keith Murray & Miss Jones – No More Games (Def Squad Remix)
18) New Edition & AZ – Something About You (Darkchild rmx)
19) Total & The Notorious Big – Can’t You See (LP Version)
20) Usher – You Make Me Wanna (Timbaland Remix)

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12 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Radio”

  1. Teddy C.D. says:

    One of the best hip-hop love songs ever has to be “Sno’s Drinking Milk” by Snoman. Also a personal favorite.


  2. Hamza21 says:

    There’s alot of good joints there but Ray J & Yvette Michelle and no Chico Debarge,Erick Sermon & Redman Sooperman Lover?


  3. Jimmy says:

    Good song but I don’t see what it has to do with Yvette Michelle and Ray J, both of those songs are dope as well.

  4. Hamza21 says:

    @ Jimmy

    Ray J & Yvette Michelle are definitely at the bottom tier of song singers. RJ is pretty much a joke to anybody who has deep appreciation for great music. As for Yvette that’s totally a NY thing. Nobody outside the tri state area could name a song by her. She’s unknown to most non-deejays outside of east coast. Even deejays only know her through Flex’s mixtape series.

  5. Hamza 21 says:


    One of the biggest problem with people on the internet is they don’t read before commenting. How do you miss:

    “Ray J & Yvette Michelle are definitely at the bottom tier of song singers.”
    (I meant song makers but forgot to replace singers with makers in my original post)

    Because I feel that those two are not quality singers somehow I’m “nitpicking”? Bullsh*t! I’m expressing my opinion which why a comments section on a blog was invented for. If you think those two people make decent music good for you, I don’t know and stated so. That’s not nitpicking that’s purely stating opinion.

    • Thun says:

      Actually, I think one of the bigger problems on the internet is that people think their personal opinions represent some kind of absolute truth.

      When I read “song singers” I assumed that English was your third or fourth language so I left that part alone, thinking that maybe you meant something else.

      Cool, you think they are terrible and the songs included in this mix drag the whole thing down. I’ll just disagree. LOL@ you self-censoring yourself, though.

  6. soopahigh says:

    Can anyone re-up this please ?

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  10. SabrielVum says:

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