UGK – Super Tight vs Tha Dogg Pound – Dog Food


Forum regular unclebengi posed this question recently:

Stellar mid ’90s albums by do-it-all duos…Which one you prefer and why?

Now we’re asking the same question to the masses. Vote, but don’t forget to explain your choice in the comments section!

Which album do you prefer?

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One Response to “UGK – Super Tight vs Tha Dogg Pound – Dog Food”

  1. unclebengi says:

    Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Dogg Food is taking this so outright, it just reached a much larger audience. I’d bet that a large number of the people who voted Dogg Food have never even listened to Super Tight. I remember liking both equally back in the day, but Super Tight is clearly better to me now. I think its a masterpiece production wise.

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