Blogospheric Conditions: February Thaw

For now at least, the road isn’t so covered with snow. The blogosphere had plenty to offer in the past week, from scans of vintage promo stickers to the erudite musings of Big Ghost to more Odd Future controversy. The links follow the jump, of course, and there’s even more link goodness over at Hip Hop Is Read.

Sticker Game: The tumblr-land is filled with grainy pics of 90s rappers posted up in front of bodegas and toiling in dusty home studios, but where are the scans of fly promo stickers? Nes posts a few gems, the Artifacts joint being the crown jewel.

Stretch and Bobbito, Valentine’s Day 1997: One of the few times that Bobbito played non-rap records, in this case funk/soul/rare grooves suitable for the lovers out there.

Prince Paul’s Greatest Snips and More: The Unheard provides a retrospective look at Prince Paul’s prolific career, as well as a compilation of his … greatest snips, what else?

The South Got Something To Say: hl discusses recent Dixieland offerings from Jeezy, Brick Squad, and Fiend.

It’s Gotta Be The Curl: J-Zone convincingly identifies an unlikely correlation between  jheri curls and musical integrity.

“disjuncture between intention and visual representation”: g at his suggestive best – “This ability to transform nearly anything into some form of tagged and quasi-compartmentalized ha-ha entertainment is disconcerting and speaks to not only the creators of the end content but also to those who consume it, voluntarily or involuntarily as it may be.”

A Change In Sampling Philosophy: Paul Loverro insists that sampling sounds from hip hop records is not the cannibalistic uncreative last resort that purists have made it out to be.

Old To The New PSA – Is Hip-Hop’s Golden Era Holding You Back?: Ryan Procter advises the boom-bap dinosaurs to open their ears and hearts to newer hip hop music.

Steve Stein aka Steinski – Sonic Boom Reel #3: The Unheard introduces us to portions of Steinski’s discography we never knew existed.

Anthony and the golden-oldies: The Martorialist discusses two joints that feature AZ rocking over samples early 80s hip hop classics with gusto and flair, as always. Pure class.

Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers / video: g discusses the various responses to Odd Future’s popularity and how punk rock, authenticity, and social networking play into all of it.

Ayo this shit way too ignorant nahmean!: Big Ghost drops science for the babies.

Stretch & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show 2/10/11 : Stroydinaire comes through with descriptions of what went down and some great video footage of the  night’s performances. The video of Nice N’ Smooth closing the night out with a hyper rendition of DWYCK is my favorite.