T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday (Week 11)

A vintage session from the Wu Tang Klann. Based on the spelling and quality of this vinyl, all signs point to bootleg. Still, nice to hear a young Clan freestyling and clowning around for 40 minutes (Tim Westwood Show?). And Meth is certainly the star of this show.

Wu-Tang Clan-Live UK Radio Freestyle Session 1994 (Bootleg VLS) (1994)
a1 Side A
b1 Side B



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4 Responses to “T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday (Week 11)”

  1. Versive says:

    I was pretty sure I’d heard this before but I’m like 10 minutes in and it’s all new to me so far. Dope off the head shit and I got a kick outta Meth’s bickering. Props

  2. IRISH says:

    Cheers Dirt Dog, thanks for this

    Anyone know who the DJ/ show is on this?

  3. Teddy C.D. says:

    Thanks Dog! And LOL @ the “Klann” spelling.

  4. DJ WARLORD says:

    Tim WESTWOOD is a uk hip hop dj from london,he has hooked up a few times with marley marl and funkmaster flex on their shows

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