3 Steps From Nowhere

I’ll start this off with a little known and under-appreciated group called 3 Steps From Nowhere. 3SFN is comprised of Lazy, Black Crow, and Rimshot.

They dropped their debut and only album, 30 Below Funk, in 1995 and then seemingly fell off the planet. The album includes guest spots from Trugoy, among others.

The sound is typical of an early/mid ’90s album. Jazzy, smooth, includes dope but predictable choruses, and is not so much lyric heavy. The value in this album really lies in the production and the vibe. Just some cool shit you can nod your head to and chill to. The production is handled in-house, by 3SFN members Lazy and Rimshot.

They released a single, Pass It On, which had it’s own video. One of the better cuts off the album and still gets rotation from me to this day.

3 Steps From Nowhere – 30 Below Funk

To conclude, this album doesn’t get enough exposure. And while not some musical godship, it’s definitely worth the download. If you enjoy groups like Trends of Culture, Ill Biskits, or Kirk, then you will undoubtedly have this in your deck for weeks! –KITFUNK

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