T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Monday (Week 10)

EDITOR’s NOTE: Okay we’re a few days early, but truthfully we’re actually a few days late. This was suppose to happen last week but due to overwhelming awesomeness it got lost in the mix. Please excuse our apologizes and enjoy some tunes from the man who brought you Black Shampoo. We’re back on schedule this week.

It’s always a little harder to dig anything up on some of Wu non-spotlight members, like Deck, Masta Killa or U-God. Here are are couple tracks from a promo cd-r single that landed in my hands in 2003. These tracks were released, but only on vinyl. Enjoy them now in cd quality.

U-God-Supa N*gga (Promo CD-R Single) (2003)
01 Supa N*gga (Dirty)
02 Wildstyle Superfreak (Dirty)



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