Blogospheric Conditions: Swift and Changeable

Is your blogging solid ice or does it manifest in a light, fluffy form? 32 degree links after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Unkut Presents The 50 Greatest Queensbridge Rap Songs – HL compiles the tracks that Robbie Ettleson picked for the ruggedest Complex.com list ever. Advanced listeners should check in here, too.

School House Rock’ Drops Knowledge to Hypnotic Rhythm – Amir Said drops science on the funky funky funky music of Schoolhouse Rock. Do the knowledge, youngins.

Song of the Day: Jermaine Dupri “Protector’s of 1472” – mobdeen sheds light on one of DJ Premier’s most slept on productions and a surefire way to give a backpacker a migraine.

A Supposedly Fun Mixtape I’ll Never Make Again: My 50 Favorite Rap Songs – Dave Bry suffers through the excruciating process of making a fifty song compilation for a friend unfamiliar with rap, but like all nerds winds up enjoying such torture.

Ran outta ammo and started throwin’ Black Rob RAR files – The Martorialist compiles thirty Black Rob songs without revisiting the obvious.

J-1 From Hardknocks: The Unkut Interview – Robbie interviews half of the production team behind one of Wild Pitch’s slept-on gems.

Professor Bun B Takes Order At Rice University – MC UGK is co-teaching a course on hip-hop and religion.

Revolution & Bullshit: Diddy at Uptown – Abe Beame chronicles the early career of hip-hop’s most polarizing figure, plus provides a compilation of notable songs.

Why I’m Not Donating To Kool Herc – Byron Crawford points out the obvious because everyone else lined up to huff cack.

DJ Premier & Company Have Statik – hl explores songs that turn the crackle and hiss of detuned static into usable music.

Motor City, that final frontier – The Martorialist reports on that overlooked by bloggers because its too rare to be on their radar but not quaint or reinterpolated enough to be hip music.

Underrated & Ignored, Vol.7… DJ Quik – Trauma… – mobdeen shows appreciation for  a DJ Quik album that got lost in the sea of ephemeral trash that was 2005.

I Can’t Go To Sleep: Hell Razah-Heaven Razah – Zilla Rocca explains how Hell Razah has already succeeded in the way that Jay Electronica should but probably will not.