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Our associate Thomas V hipped us to this new podcast:

I’m going share this podcast with y’all because I don’t think that it is getting enough props. These interviews goes for about 90 min each. It is hosted by Percee P and A-FS 201-973. Every hip hop heads have to check this out. The people interviewed go into their whole history, there’s not a thing that they don’t talk about. You will learn a lot from this podcast! If you are into trivias, old stories, etc.. then this is exactly for you! Please Share!

Episode 1 – Percee P
Episode 2 – DJ Lord Ron (Zulu Nation, Gang Starr Foundation)
Episode 3 – Trek Life
Episode 4 – King Sun
Episode 5 – DJ Mark Luv (Zulu Nation, Pharcyde, Unity)
Episode 6 – Afrika Baby Bam (Jungle Brothers)

Having only heard the King Sun and Baby Bam episodes, I still heartily cosign this recommendation. This is top notch rap nerdery. I won’t reveal any spoilers, just trust me and listen. — Thun

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  2. Tim says:

    …Had both those dudes up on my show (also, podcast) earlier this January, if you guys are giving blog love to podcasts from time to time, this weekly set is another one which might be worth checking out below followed by a link to the show’s blog… Thanks for posting about “preserving the culture”, it’s also a fantastic show:) !

    Peace -Tim


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