Single Series: Original Flavor

Original Flavor was a group, originally consisted of Ski and Suave Lover. The duo released their first album in 1992, “This Is How It Is“, produced by Ski, except two tracks which were produced by Clark Kent.

For their second album, “Beyond Flavor“, (1993), Suave Lover was replaced by T-Strong and DJ Chubby Chub.

The group disbanded after releasing their second album.

All of their releases were published on Atlantic.


When I Make It VLS (1992)

01. When I Make It (LP Version)
02. When I Make It (Super Remake 1)
03. Grip Da Mic Tight (Unavailable On LP)
04. When I Make It (Super Remake 2)

–>Download When I Make It VLS<–

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Here We Go (CDS, Promo) (1992)

01. Here We Go (Vocal)
02. Here We Go (Instrumental)

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Can I Get Open VLS (1993)

01. Can I Get Open (LP Version)
02. Can I Get Open (Remix)
03. Can I Get Open (Instrumental)
04. Can I Get Open (Instrumental Remix)
05. Hit (LP Version)

–>Download Can I Get Open VLS<–

All That VLS (1993)

01. All That (Album Version)
02. All That (Instrumental)
03. All That (Remix)
04. All That (Hard Beats Mix)
05. Hit (Radio Edit)
06. Hit (Instrumental)

–>Download All That VLS<–


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4 Responses to “Single Series: Original Flavor”

  1. Boothe says:

    For years I had “Grip Da Mic Tight” on cassette, but wasn’t able to identify the title or the artist; that is until I found the T.R.O.Y. message board.

    Another satisfied customer.

    “All That” is one of the dopest, corny songs out there.

  2. Teddy C.D. says:

    Props, Mark, this is a great group!

  3. ivan says:

    could you re up that here we go version on another server, that multiupload don’t works

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