Random VLS Drops: 2for5 – Playin’ The Strip (2002)

Bronx duo, Ace Lover and Oktober, released 2 singles in 2002, before releasing their debut album “Broke Minds Think Alike” in 2004 on Cajo! Records.


01. Playin’ The Strip
02. Whatz Ya Naim?! (Riding The Train)
03. Thah Fowndation
04. Playin’ The Strip (Instrumental)
05. Whatz Ya Naim! (Instrumental)
06. Thah Fowndation (Instrumental)

–>Download Playin’ The Strip VLS<–


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3 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: 2for5 – Playin’ The Strip (2002)”

  1. philaflava says:

    Playing The Strip used to be a favorite on my show.

  2. Holly says:

    Thanks for this – the lp has always been a personal fave.

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