DJ Kev (Ninja Tune/DJ Food) “’88 Was Great but ’89 Is Mine”

88 was great but ’89 is mine by DJ Food

I was recently asked to play at a night called Classic Material, run by Chris Read and Nick Armitage. The idea for this is to give each month over to a year from Hip Hop’s past and only play tracks released during it. DJ Format did ‘87 (entirely on 45’s!), Andy Smith – ‘88 and I was given 1989. ‘89 was a special year for me as it was the year I moved away from my home and parents and started studying in London, a city I’ve remained in for more than half my life now.

It was also a year rich in musical delights with the beginnings of gangster rap taking over Hip Hop and the emergence of De La Soul’s Daisy Age with their incredible ‘3 Feet High & Rising’ album. Actually possibly my top three all-time favourite Hip Hop albums were released in ‘89, the aforementioned ‘3 Feet High…’, the Beastie Boys‘ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ and the Jungle Brothers‘ ‘Done By The Forces of Nature’.


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  1. just wanted to mention that the guy’s name is “strictly kev” or dj food… great post!

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