Blogospheric Conditions: Rain, Hail, Snow, and Earthquakes

If there’s going to be a spring this year, I just can’t see it. When I’m not shoveling snow, I’m scanning the blogosphere for good content, and fortunately this month the posts have been plentiful. Now you may have noticed that certain blogs keep popping up in these weekly roundups. That’s because they are really good. Subscribe to them. Links following the jump, duns.

The U-Krew – If You Were Mine (12″) (1989): King Skullie drops science on U-Krew, an underappreciated late 80s/early 90s hip hop group from Portland Oregon who incorporated a Prince-like rock feel into their music.

Stretch & Bobbito 8-14-1994: Nes provides us with a rip of a classic episode from the classicest radio show of the 90s. “Here’s another classic Stretch & Bobbito tape courtesy of the homie Nate in Boston via FJP. This tape features the El-P and J-Treds freestyle session (over Gangstarr’s ‘Speak Ya Clout’) that was featured on the ‘Farewell Fondle Em’ compilation.”

Variety Reviews – Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest: Andrew Barker reviews the brand new A Tribe Called Quest documentary.

Fearless Four – Rockin’ It, Live @ Apollo Theatre / video: If you’re a rapper who became famous recently because of blogs, please watch this video. Take note that these guys are successfully tearing shit up in front of the world’s toughest crowd twenty five years after their song was a hit.

Another Curren$y Post: The Martorialist zeroes in on the previously unheard highlights of Curren$y’s latest Nawlins-centric mixtape.

There’s One on Every Jet – The Chronic Resilience of Fiend: Jeff Weiss chronicles Fiend’s successful transformation into his current “International Jones” persona.

Homeboy Sandman – Out Da Box TV Interview: Homeboy Sandman discusses art, ethics, and following one’s true passion.

Nottz’ “Shine So Brite” Illuminates Beatmaking’s Impenetrable Force Field: Amir Said describes producer Nottz’s beatmaking techniques, explaining how he conserves the boom-bap tradition while at the same time moving it forward.

Droptops and Jake One Tapes: hl compiles a nice little sampler of producer Jake One’s most recent bangers.

A (Very) Brief Conversation- H2O: Boothe talks to the former member of earlys 90s ATL rap group Ya’ll So Stupid about the meaning of the phrase “Van Full Of Pakistans.”

Lil B – Understanding Rap’s New Rebel: Noz explains the methods to Lil B’s madness as thoroughly and clearly as they can be explained. If you don’t get it after reading this, go back to listening to second rate Gang Starr knock-offs and be happy there.

Funky Four Plus One Interview: “The following article comes from the 30th May 1981 edition of the NME and was written by New Yorker Richard Grabel.” I love when stuff like this bubbles to the surface. Informative, insightful read.

Song of the Day- Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Searching: Mobbdeen salutes Pete Rock and the dead art of the actual remix.

Jungle Brothers & A Tribe Called Quest – Dutch TV special 1990: Mini-doc with great footage of both groups performing for crowds in the Netherlands.

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3 Responses to “Blogospheric Conditions: Rain, Hail, Snow, and Earthquakes”

  1. King Skullie says:

    I really appreciate the recognition, but dangit, my name is SKullie, with a K, i’m not the big blue monster from Monsters, Inc. LOL Although Sulley was voiced by John Goodman, and John Goodman did play Walter Sobchak in the Big Lebowski. Okay fair enough, go ahead and call me Sullie.

  2. Boothe says:

    Appreciate the linkage.

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