T.R.O.Y. Challenge: 6 Degress of Death Row

Our latest challenge forces you to include at least 1 song featuring the following (3) artists.

1. Lady of Rage
2. RBX
3. Warren G.

The music must be from ’91-96. You cannot use ANY songs featuring Snoop Dogg or Dr. Dre.

You must include at least 2 remixes.

You must include at least 2 “Eastcoast” tracks, meaning by artists from the Eastcoast featuring any member of Death Row or affiliates.

Pretty simple stuff, huh? Give it a try here or email us your entry. –Philaflava

Paul Smith’s Mix
01. Warren G – We Be Sippin’ On The Brew (Intro)
02. Slip Capone & C.P.O featuring Kurupt – The Euology
03. 2Pac featuring Treach & Riddler – Loyal To The Game
04. Soopafly – I Don’t Hang
05. R.B.X. – A.W.O.L. (Gregski Remix)
06. Dat Nigga Daz featuring Kurupt – Me In Your World
07. C.P.O. – Foo Nay Mic
08. Kurupt – These Reasons (D.P.G. 4 Life)
09. Cedric Ceballos featuring Warren G – Flow On
10. The Dogg Pound featuring The Lady Of Rage – Do What I Feel
11. O.F.T.B. featuring Jewell – Body & Soul
12. D.J. Quik – Diggin’ U Out (Remix)
13. C.P.O. featuring Kurupt – Slippin’ In The West
14. Sam Sneed featuring J. Flexx & Drauma – In Da Zone
15. Lost Boyz featuring The Dogg Pound & Canibus – Music Makes Me High (Extended Remix)
16. Warren G featuring Lil’ Malik – We Want Yo Hands Up


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2 Responses to “T.R.O.Y. Challenge: 6 Degress of Death Row”

  1. bigdaddykane says:

    wack mix. too much conventinal music. step your knowlede up..

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