Unsung Heroes ft. L-Fudge and J-Live “Dummy”

Stream: Unsung Heroes ft. L-Fudge and J-Live “Dummy”

This is a nice little treat from UK producers Unsung Heroes, off their 2000 compilation Unleashed. NYC indieground mainstays of the time L-Fudge and J-Live skewer good ol’ American complacency and anti-intellectualism over a catchy guitar-driven beat. L-Fudge’s alarmingly realistic verse about how a man’s descent into depravity is hastened by a steady diet of mindless entertainment is great, but J-Live steals the show. His intricately rhymed impersonation of an adolescent so steeped in ignorance and petty materialism that he is repulsed by the mere mention of the word “school” is impressive, funny, and disturbing all at once. They recorded this years before anyone could have contemplated the mind-rot made possible by Twitter and The Jersey Shore, mind you.  — Thun

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