Recap in Deep Winter

We started off the year with a little server mishap but don’t let this rap blog shit fool you. We’re back and better than ever. After the jump, a summary of what we’ve been up to lately.


Random VLS Drops: Omniscence – Amazin’ (1995), Darc Mind – On The Outside Looking In (1996), Organized Konfusion – Walk Into The Sun (1992)

T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday: Week 7, Week 8

Touring The States – Denver Colorado

East Coast Rarities: Vol. 22-29, Vol. 30-39


O.C., Homeboy Sandman, and the Infamous Ice-Grille

Skipp Coon and Mr. Nick – Sophomore Slump Vol. 1, Independents Day EP

Levels Of Imagination

Freeway Sorts Through Fan Mail

The Five Bros – Believe In The Five


Trugoy The Dove: The Roadrunner

Demo: Half A Mil “Fast Money & Foreign Objects”

VA Northwest Flava 1992-1997