Blogospheric Conditions: 2011 In Full Effect

So far, a ton of great content has shown up on the rap blogosphere’s better blogs (the ones that actually offer ideas and criticism, as opposed to just posting upload links like automated cack huffers). Peep game after the jump.

It Was Written: JDS explains why It Was Written was a sensible follow up to Illmatic, despite the protests of so many critics: “Here you have a nineteen year old kid who’s growing and dealing with all of these influences—even in his lyrics he’s never quite involved, but rather existing on the fringes just observing it all—and by the end of the album you’re left with the impression of a very talented person on the cusp of adulthood… What path will he choose? And this is where IWW steps in.

Ice Cube “We Had To Tear This Motherfucker Up”: Mobbdeen dissects one of Ice Cube’s more reflective, though still righteously indignant, records centering around the L.A. Riots of ’92.

Sam Sneed “You Better Recognize”: Mobdeen focuses on Death Row affiliate Sam Sneed and the LA-Pittsburgh connection.

Why Marcberg Was My Favorite Album of 2010 (And 9 Others I Liked): Jeff Weiss is diplomatic. For the benefit of the hard-headed and possibly hard of hearing, he spells out the numerous idiosyncrasies and details that make Marcberg much more than just a rehash of 90s boom-bap. I’m not so inclined: if you don’t get it by now, and react to it like a Ritalin’ed up nine year old girl watching 2001: A Space Oddysey, you either have a limited appreciation for lyrical or musical subtlety or your taste just huffs cack. Maybe both.

Ghostface Killah and Raekwon The Chef – The Lost Unkut Interview: “Around the time of Stark’s R&B album and Chef’s Cuban sequel, I interviewed the two of them for Hip-Hop Connection Digital. Here are some of the parts that I didn’t feature in the original piece that mainly cover some of the old days of Staten Island rap.” Props to Robbie.

Interview With Pharohe Monch: Adam Mansbach picks apart the brain of Monch. They discuss music, politics, race, spirituality, etc. Great interview.

Suga Free – Street Gospel: Mobdeen hips the still sleeping to the greatness of the Bay Area’s Suga Free. The Martorialist supports such endeavors.

Did J-Lo Boost Great Pride?: O-dub uncovers a sinister jack move.

Mafioso Rap Chronicles: hl analyzes Kool G. Rap’s “It’s A Shame” and his claim to Frank Nitti-like roughness.

D.I.T.C.: Damian Ghigliotty discusses the past, future, and present of the venerated collective. Sit down with a cold IPA or two and take the time to read the whole article.

East of Edan: The Martorialist isolates Edan’s finest moments.

Killer Queens: Sacha Jenkins describes growing up in Astoria, Queens — surrounded by hip hop history in the making.

Skip Coon & Mister Nick – Sophomore Slump, Vol. I: Jeff Weiss reviews an intriguing The Network-inspired EP by an uncompromisingly political act out of Mississippi.

Hip Hop, Comedy, and the Great Kanye West Debate: Chris Jackson defends Kanye’s alleged sexism.

New Rap Music: Noz reviews recent songs by Killer Mike, Fiend, and others.

Homeboy Sandman – The Good Sun: Jeff Weiss reviews the latest album from the virtuosic stylist.



5 Responses to “Blogospheric Conditions: 2011 In Full Effect”

  1. done says:

    “react to it like a Ritalin’ed up nine year old girl watching 2001: A Space Oddysey, you either have a limited appreciation for lyrical or musical subtlety or your taste just huffs cack.”


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  3. Yohan says:

    Thanks for this, I missed most of it.

  4. Tim says:

    “Ethereal’ blog has a recent podcast interview w/ Percee P & A.F.S.

    Percee P and him also have a talk hip hop radio show, weekly podcast featuring most significant artists in hip hop and where they are today also worth checking out
    “Preserving the culture” is the name of it I beleive

  5. Verisve says:

    Seems like a lot of sites are stepping up their game (or at least starting the year off right). The Monch interview, Edan critique, and DITC article are all great reads. Props on the links.

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