Hell On Earth vs The War Report

Time to vote, duns. The debate was sparked in the infamous T.R.O.Y. Forum.

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10 Responses to “Hell On Earth vs The War Report”

  1. philaflava says:

    Both are amazing. Both capture that winter feeling that I crave on days like these. I went with War Report because Tragedy Khadafi and the “bonus” tracks really puts it over the top. There is no way you can front on tracks like Thug’s Paradise, T.O.N.Y., LA, LA, Illegal Life, Neva Die Alone, Bloody Money, Parole Violators & Stick You.

    The War Report had better song and Tragedy was just as important to this album as Ghostface was to OB4CL. Hell On Earth is a great great album though.

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  3. cenzi says:

    where is the “I hate them both” section?

    • Thun says:

      Right next to the “Banned” section.

      • cenzi says:

        riiiiiight.. this is why none of these 4 MC’s have EVER been on ANYONE’S top 10 MC list…

        excellent albums yo.

        • philaflava says:

          Cenzi you surely don’t believe you have to be a top 10 MC to have a classic or near classic album do you? What Make TWR so great wasn’t so much Nore but the production, overall grimy NY feeling it provided and of course Trag. HOE had amazing production but nobody dare calls Havoc a great lyricist. Prodigy sure, but if you don’t enjoy War Report then I feel sorry for you. It’s a great album.

          Most people consider Doggystyle a classic album, though it’s not too cool to admit that anymore. I definitely don’t think anyone is putting Snoop anywhere near their top 25 rapper list though.

          • Dan says:

            @ Philaflava Snoop should be in anyone’s top 25 just off Deep Cover, his work on The Chronic, Doggystyle, & the Murda Was The Case Soundtrack.

        • hl says:

          Prodigy is in my top 3.

  4. done says:

    heel on earth all day for me. p refined his style to a knifes edge and had better opening bars than the reigning champ ( survival of the fittest and shook ones pt2 set the bar so high its not fair to include them ) prior to that of rae’s “the war is on… on rainy dayz i sit back and count ways”

    “the saga begins… (i was always curious if something was censored here, im glad if it was tho cos the pause adds so much) begin war, i draw first blood be the first to set it off”

    the style he used on still shing as well cant be touched either. and hav stepped up his technical ability with a more dense, sylabble packed style that worked really well. plus his beats have this real atmospheric, orchestral grimeyness that makes it feel really consistent and well, like a film.(people compare albums to films way too much these days but this and cuban linx are some of the few that really deserve the comparison i think)

    war report is a great wintertime album and kinda underrated but hell on earth is way superior and really feels like a proper album, to where it loses a lot of its impact if you start seperating tracks from it. it has far more of a consistent vibe throughout than the infamous in my opinion.

    (im not nuts tho, infamous is obviously better. its got the song where they rap bout booze like its an antromorphic being and tip missed the memo and raps about clothes. were they ever accused by any spice 1 fans for biting over this? i never heard anything)

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