Va – Northwest Flava (1992-1997)

Ok I admit it. It has been way too long since I’ve posted anything from the  west coast. And I live out here now, sheesh. Alright Schenectadyfan, quit looking back east and check out what’s right in your neighborhood. Portland and Spokane don’t really constitute the whole northwest but damnit, I can’t really bring myself to take Spokane seriously as a breeding ground for hip hop. Spokanites feel free to flame me. Seattlites feel free to chuckle. Portlanders stand up! To everyone else, yes we’re a little crazy up here. Or maybe it’s just me. Must be the rain. While winter flogs us, kick back with some lime green goodies and put this compilation on your stereo. Download links and tracklistings after the jump as always.

Download –

01 (4:16) Cool Nutz – I Got The Gun (Portland 1992)
02 (3:54) Kid Sensation – Rhyme For Me (Seattle 1995)
03 (4:26) Funk Daddy – Streets of S.E.A. (Seattle 1995)
04 (5:11) Crafty – 4 The 9 (Portland 1997)
05 (3:25) 206 Family – Instrumental (Seattle 199?)
06 (4:43) M.A.D.D. – West Coast (Portland 1995)
07. (4:10) Mackin Rob – Spittin’ Game (Seattle 1993)
08 (4:08) High Performance And The 23rd Mafia – Takin Over Shit (Seattle 1993)
09 (5:18) Mr D-Sane & Lil Mafia – Neighborhood Menace (Seattle 1992)
10 (4:36) J Dee – All In My Mix (Portland 1995)
11 (5:37) Self Tightld – Northwest Gunfest (Seattle 1997)
12 (1:54) Pete Miser – N. E. Piece (Portland 1996)
13 (2:27) Mad Fanatic – Massacre (Seattle 1995)
14 (4:30) Source of Labor – Audio Visual (Seattle 1997)
15 (3:33) Young LaRai – King 4 A Day (Revised Version) (Portland 1997)

Let me know what you think. If you want more Northwest hip hop leave some feedback on what you like and I’ll share more soon. In the meantime enjoy my little selection of ‘Northwest Flava’.

— Schenectadyfan

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10 Responses to “Va – Northwest Flava (1992-1997)”

  1. i lived in Stumptown for a minute- the only thing that was poppin out there to me was Libretto and the Lifesavas.

  2. fresh says:

    I love that northwest flava. word. I got quite a NW collection but these joints I’ve never heard of except mad fanatic and source of labor… keep it comming homie.

  3. the funky gynecologist says:

    damn you guys get deep! the cat that made all the beats on that 206 family cd was my homies older brother ryan, last i heard he was a truck driver or somethin.
    i just saw d-sane a couple weeks ago, who was featured on your last northwest mix. hes still making music and mastered some tracks for this russian kid from seattle named avatar, hes also opening up a medical marijuana dispensary in the north end. you need to throw some of his old full time soldiers cuts on the next mix man, hit me up if you want some tracks, i got em all!

  4. Did the full time soldiers have anything out prior to 1996 ? I have a ‘demo’ tape from them circa 96, but wondered if they got their start earlier. On another note, do you or anyone you know up there have an album from ‘The Rat Pack’, out of Olympia. Came out in 1993 I think.

  5. Kyozai says:

    Thx 4 this!

    …do u have any cover to this 1? :

    Young LaRai – King 4 A Day

  6. schenectadyfan says:

    Sorry man,. I don’t have a cover. It’s a pretty obscure ep.

  7. angie Wize says:

    Check out the new “We Luv Pete Miser” Facebook page plz!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/WeLuvPeteMiser

  8. angie Wize says:

    Check out the new “We Luv Pete Miser “page plz https://www.facebook.com/WeLuvPeteMiser

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