Demo: Half A Mill – Fast Money & Foreign Objects

Download the mp3 here where I did my best to fix the sound quality a bit.

Hahaa… Yet another raw as all hell Half A Mill demo has surfaced and I remember loving this one upon first listen years ago. And again, straight off a WNYU radio show rip and most likely from that ever so elusive 1995 Half A Mill demo tape. In this era of unreleased material getting pressed up, this one is at the top of a lot of our lists and has been for quite a while. I wish someone would get on that already, I mean, what better time?

And make no mistake, this is indeed one of Half A Mill’s greatest joints, in my opinion1. With an illed out usage of that Sade sample that Doom wound up using on Doomsday but this one is more raw than smooth to me. Don’t bother looking for the sample on youtube. It was only on the extended version of the song that was on the UK version of the LP and a 45 single. So, those ‘Who Sampled It’ type sites that use the video version of the Sade song are wrong. Heh, sorry, I got some OCD when it comes to correcting wrong sample id’s.

This one comes from youtube user “SedVicious”. Peep his youtube page here and leave him a thanks if you love this one as much as I do. Thanks to T.R.O.Y. poster “mathematik” for alerting us about this in our “Half a Mill Appreciation” thread.

Peep the other demos and a whole bunch of unreleased Half A Mill material here.

–verge tibbs

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  1. A lot of people highly rate Half A Mill’s two “official” LPs but I honestly don’t. After hearing some of these demos, his first 12″, and all those freestyles from WNYU, those albums were straight doo doo in comparison, aside from a few joints on each one. My opinion, that’s all. []

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7 Responses to “Demo: Half A Mill – Fast Money & Foreign Objects”

  1. aREAL says:

    Such an amazing joint this one. I agree with you Verge! Just wish the quality was somewhat better, hope it’ll get released some day in a better quality.

    Thanks for the post man. Keep it up!

  2. TEN/27 [Trevy Is Famous] says:

    One of my favorite artists R.I.P Halfamill!

  3. Rich aka Enrichment says:

    This song was produced by DJ Scratch in 1995. This song as well as other material went to Half’s wife.

    • verge says:

      Word, there’s a quite a few other Dj Scratch produced Half A Mill demos out there. Thanks for the info, I hope his wife will give these demos to someone to release one day. Heads been fiending to hear this stuff in high quality for years.

  4. Raffaele Casaroli says:

    is possible reup the Haf A Mill material like freestyles, demp & PROJECT PROPHET TAPE please!

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