Trugoy The Dove – Roadrunner

Well, first of all thanks to Roy Johnson for discovering this track.

Second, in case you missed it in Roy’s De La Soul Is Dead Ear Rarities post from our Native Tongue Month, here it is now.

Track came out of Stretch & Bobbito rarities tape. We don’t know exact story behind this, but since Trugoy is credited with writing the lyrics to the song, we can safely assume he recorded this as a reference vocal track for Chi-Ali.


–>Download Trugoy The Dove – Roadrunner<–


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2 Responses to “Trugoy The Dove – Roadrunner”

  1. Strategy says:

    That’s dope…He’s starts with “I be the Chi..”… Trugoy is probably one of the very best #2 emcees. Props for bumping this track back into my view. I slept the first time.

    By the way, what happened to Roy Johnson? His blog seems like its been abandoned: http://scratchreaction.blogspot.com/ I wish him the very best. He’s put in some tremendous work for us heads.

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