Touring The States: Denver, CO

Deuce Mob is chicano rap group, hailing from Denver. According on wikipedia, they are the first rap group from Colorado that signed a major record deal, back in 1993, with Thump Records and Universal Records.

Going Solo is their first album, released in 1996. Some track or tracks were produced by Kid Frost if i’m not wrong. Album have some nice smooth g-funk tracks as well as some hard gangta beats and lyrics, telling you how they were surviving 24/7 on those hard North Side streets.

Enjoy! Track list and download link after the jump.

Deuce Mob – Going Solo (1996)

01. Harder & Harder
02. Life Of A Gangsta Feat. T-Dubb & M&M
03. Going Solo
04. What Are You Going To Talk About
05. The Front Of A Barrel
06. My ’64 Feat. A.W.B. & Mister V-Lo
07. A Job Well Done
08. Where You From Feat A.W.B.
09. Night Owl
10. North Side Flava
11. Latin Nights Feat. A.W.B. & Mister V-Lo

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