The Five Bros – Believe In The Five (Maryland 1998)

This was a request that came up while I was posting my Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation series. To be completely honest the ep is a little flat in my opinion, but I did like tracks 2 and 5 in particular. Da Great Diety Dah is featured on ‘Believe In The Five’ and it’s probably the strongest cut. You be the judge. The Five Bros are from Western Maryland I believe. Track listing and download links to be found after the jump.

Download –

01  01:36 Intro
02  05:25 Believe In The Five
03  03:40 Catz Dont Realize
04  01:36 Midtro
05  05:12 Put It On The Five
06  03:55 The Love Don
07  05:06 Keepin On
08  03:47 Catz Dont Realize (instrumental)
09  05:11 Put It On The Five (instrumental)

Hope y’all like this one, let me know what you think.

— Schenectadyfan

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