Post-Holidays Recap

It’s been a little while since we recapped. A Three Kings Day parade worth of festive links after the jump.

Audio Treats

100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs (Mp3s)

Vaporized: Group Home Blends

True Master: The Truest


Shabazz Palaces: Remystifying Cool

O.C. “Jewelz”

AZ Sorts Through Fan Mail

Showbiz and A.G. “Runaway Slave”

Organized Konfusion “Invetro”

YZ “When The Road Is Covered With Snow”

Dark Sun Riders “Time To Build”


Touring The States: Inglewood, Ca, Detroit, MI

The T.R.O.Y. Challenge: Posse Cut Compilations

Single Series: Company Flow, UMCs

Random VLS Drops: Domestic Violence Entertainment

T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday: Week 3, Week 4, Week 5

Nottz Compilations: The Boom Bap Raw Vibe, Going Raw Way South

New Jersey Underground: Volume 22



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