Video: Akrobatik, BURNTmd & Nastee

 “Stand The Rain”

DJ Nastee produced this joint here and had some real talent get on the mics. Remember, this is the guy that produced the TerroGreen demos1 that Stretch and Bobbito played, so don’t sleep. Nastee is obviously still doing his thing, and so is Terror Green, but we’ll get to all of that at a later date. We just may be seeing(hearing) the full Terror Green demo tape from 1996 here very soon!

In the meantime, check for DJ Nastee here (Website), here (Twitter Page), or here (Facebook Page). And also peep his youtube page where you’ll find many more ill graphic having videos, usually with themes and knowledge dropped, here.

–verge tibbs

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  1. peep the two megaton Terror Green demos here. []

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3 Responses to “Video: Akrobatik, BURNTmd & Nastee

 “Stand The Rain”

  1. Beneficial says:

    Nastee is a real nice guy. I never knew about this. That 45 stitches track is slick

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  2. Teddy C.D. says:

    “Been nice since Juvenile Delinquents.” Is there any chance he’s referring to the group featured on Terminator X’s Valley of the Jeep Beets?

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