T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday (Week 5)

Editor’s Note: Yes, it’s Monday, but this post went up last week and was lost when the server crashed. Here it is again for those that missed it.

Not sure if it’s an official Razor Sharp release or just a decent looking bootleg. Sound quality is so-so, but some nice late 90’s Wu-affiliate material.

a1 Sunz Of Man-We Can’t Be Touched
a2 Killah Priest-Street Opera
a3 Cappadonna-Run
a4 Cappadonna + U God-Anotha Riddle
a5 Method Man, Raekwon + Cappadonna-The Crow
b1 Cappadonna + U God-Spy Hunter
b2 Ghost Face + Cappadonna-Rap Pavillion
b3 Sunz Of Man-Natural High
b4 Killah Priest-Moanin



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