T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday (Week 5)

Editor’s Note: Yes, it’s Monday, but this post went up last week and was lost when the server crashed. Here it is again for those that missed it.

Not sure if it’s an official Razor Sharp release or just a decent looking bootleg. Sound quality is so-so, but some nice late 90’s Wu-affiliate material.

a1 Sunz Of Man-We Can’t Be Touched
a2 Killah Priest-Street Opera
a3 Cappadonna-Run
a4 Cappadonna + U God-Anotha Riddle
a5 Method Man, Raekwon + Cappadonna-The Crow
b1 Cappadonna + U God-Spy Hunter
b2 Ghost Face + Cappadonna-Rap Pavillion
b3 Sunz Of Man-Natural High
b4 Killah Priest-Moanin



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  2. Versive says:

    I doubt this is an official release, but it’s still a must-have gem for the real Wu-heads. This is because all the Cappadonna tracks are alternate versions (probably demos) of songs from Donna’s classic debut, The Pillage. The track titles are all changed (except ‘Run’) and there are some other differences too (some minor, some pretty major). Here are the ones I was able to pick up on:

    -‘Run’ is 10 seconds shorter here and there is no kung-fu sample in the beginning.

    -‘The Crow’ is ‘Dart Throwing’ except in this version the beat rides out a lot longer at the end (it’s like half the track length) and Rae spits part of his verse a 2nd time towards the end. Plus the talking skit from the end of the CD version is absent here.

    ‘Anotha Riddle’ is ‘Milk This Cow’ except the hook is different. On the CD version it’s Donna & Method Man, but here it’s U-God and Donna and the lyrics for U-God and Meth are totally different. Also, there’s no outro from Meth on this version.

    ‘Spy Hunter’ is ‘Supa Ninjaz’ except again the beat rides out considerably longer on this version.

    ‘Rap Pavillion’ is ‘Oh Donna’ but yet again more beat and no kung-fu skit. However, there are some beat changes in the outro that I don’t think are on the CD version.

    As for the other songs:

    -‘Street Opera’ features Hell Razah and this song appeared on Priest’s album Black August Revisited. The title of the track is the same but this version actually sounds way less like a demo than the version that appears on B.A. Revisited. The mix is way better here and the track is significantly shorter. I suspect that this version was taken from the B Side to the One Step UK Single.

    -‘Moanin’ is the same as the version I already had and I think it’s also from the One Step B Side.

    -The 2 Sunz of Man tracks are likely taken from the We Can’t Be Stopped/Natural High single. Not sure if there are any differences, but I doubt it. However, on the version of ‘Natural High’ that appears on the Sunz of Man album The Last Shall Be First the beat rides out about 10 seconds longer.

    …So overall not many major differences, but like I said before this is definitely cool to have if you’re a Wu enthusiast like me.

    • Versive says:

      Though I said that I don’t think this is an official release I just saw that discogs does have this listed as a Razor Sharp Records release, Catalog#:WU0398. Take that for what it’s worth.

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