Single Series: UMC’s

The UMC’s was a hip hop duo from Staten Island, NY. Haas G and Kool Kim released two albums, Fruits Of Nature in 1991 and Unleashed in 1994.

I can say for both album that they are slept on. Ok, the first album gained a much more success than the second one, with big hits such as “Blue Cheese” and “One To Grow On”. With nice jazzy beats, nice soul samples. On the second one they provided some harder beats, darker vibe, different style. Everybody expected it to be like a  sequel to the first album and got kinda disappointed.

Anyway, we are talking here about their singles.

Enjoy their biggest hits! Track info and links after the jump!

One To Grow On VLS (1991)

01. One To Grow  On (Growin’ Likes Weeds)
02. One To Grow On (As Tall As Manute Bol Instrumental)
03. One To Grow On (Couldn’t Get No Better)
04. Swing It To The Area (Side Show Bob Recreation)
05. Swing It To The Area (Island Nation Anthem)
06. Swing It To The Area (Heebee Jeebeez Instrumental)

–>Download One To Grow On VLS<–

Blue Cheese VLS (1991)

01. Blue Cheese (U-N-I-Verse-All)
02. Blue Cheese (Smooth)
03. Blue Cheese (Vocaless)
04. Any Way The Wind Blows (Whirlwind)
05. Any Way The Wind Blows (Boom Of The Typhoon)
06. Any Way The Wind Blows (Bass Interface)
07. Any Way The Wind Blows (Vocaless)

–>Download Blue Cheese VLS<–

Never Never Land VLS (1992)

01. Never Never Land (Remix)
02. Never Never Land (Original Version)
03. Never Never Land (Instrumental)
04. Never Never Land (Phase Mix)
05. Hey Here We Go (LP Version)
06. Hey Here We Go (Instrumental)

–>Download Never Never Land VLS<–

Time To Set It Straight VLS (1993)

01. Time To Set It Straight (Radio Version)
02. Time To Set It Straight (LP Version)
03. Time To Set It Straight (Instrumental)
04. Ill Demonic Clique (Vocal) Feat. 321, Gold Rush & Rux
05. Ill Demonic Clique (Instrumental)

–>Download Time To Set It Straight VLS<–

Hit The Track VLS (1994)

01. Hit The Track (Clean Version)
02. Hit The Track (Original Version)
03. Some Speak Ill Thoughts (Original Version)
04. Hit The Track (Instrumental)

–>Download Hit The Track VLS<–


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8 Responses to “Single Series: UMC’s”

  1. Slick Vicious says:

    Yea, I really enjoyed the 2nd album but cats slept. It’s also an interesting fact that Haas G later became producer Phantom of the Beat and Kool Kim became NYOil. Dope post… TROY is the shit.

  2. Boothe says:

    A small piece of instrumentation added to One To Grow On made an already great track better.

    Too bad there wasn’t an instrumental for Some Speak Ill Thoughts. Probably my favorite track on a rather disappointing album.

  3. Teddy C.d. says:

    Dope post, Markshot!

  4. JayDawggg says:

    Please reupload for da people listenin to dis in 2012

  5. JayDawggg says:

    Never Never Land VLS (1992) Also Appreciate it……..

  6. NAPPIE RASH says:

    Yes please re-up all UMCs 12s !!!
    BTW UMCs / Ultramagnetic MCs
    Haas G / Ced G
    Kool Kim / Kool Keith
    Wild Pitch Records
    Weird ………..

    They must have loved Ultra……. Good Taste

  7. WillFresco says:

    Does anybody have UMC’S NEVER NEVER LAND 12″ if you do I’d appreciate it if you reupload it….!!

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