Nottz – Goin’ Raw Way South

Editor’s note: Thereallex has put together several volumes of compilations of the work of producer Nottz, and has a lot to say about each. Here is volume II, titled Goin Raw Way South. Tracklisting and download links are after the jump.

The dirty south is really kind off a paradox. Originated by Georgia artists Outkast and Goodie Mob, this style proposed an interesting alternative to the ambivalent  attempts of other artists to try to fit inside the East Coast / West coast dichotomy. It was a way to sound hard on the drums, with quite a recognizable pattern that wasn’t your typical soul or jazzy new-yorker stye. It wasn’t bound neither to the funk orchestration the West coast style created, making dope original swinging tracks, switching from one atmosphere to another – think Phobia, then think Git up Git out. Organized noise was the shit, period. So was born the dirty south.

But Syrrup, Grillz, Dj Screw, Lil Jon, and Lil Jon. And Lil Jon too. Way too easy to fire an ambulance, we won’t waste time on this on a personal level. Thing is the music now called “DS” is awesomely poor and wack, sounds always the same – waddup Bekay, I thank you for this one, as I thought nobody really cared ! – , pulls the culture back in materialistic narrow views, and is a club superficial music. U want to party and act New Jersey style, do your thing. But don’t call that and your attitude hip hop man, for real. And oh yeah, where are the emceez? Cause I hear wannabesingers, people declaiming words with no sense of rhythm and no flow. Maybe the worst our culture has produced since day one. Of course, there are always exceptions, and the DS has its very own quality artists, mostly on the vocal tip. Think Tech 9, think 3 6, think Banner, a clever cat no doubt. Ludacris is a charismatic clever dude, plus fun. But damn, this wack musical shit made its way to New-York, with the likes of Illa Gee, a Mobb Deep underdog rapper, and so many others that sold their soul to get a hit record. With those fucking terrible epilectic drums. Like Masta ace stated, went to a Hip Hop festival in New-York and woke up in Atlanta.

Atlanta rules, Outkast style. But damn, the DS originated by those two geniuses just turned into a circus, internationally known and appealed by the masses. But no Mass appeal as we know it, and as premier defined it. Damn, my beloved France is just anally raped by the DS style, no one tries to sound another way now, except a few braves. DS is indigent, sucks, and is everywhere. Plus his founders don’t get the respect they deserve. The real DS is outshined by the generic club one. Cause when Big Boi makes his own DS, damn I wont say this is some shit I’ll bump everyday, but I clearly hear an original language is being spoken to me, and that it expresses a genuine culture, part of my culture. I see a branch in the tree. But when I turn on the radio, I only get crooked wood. And nuttin like mahagony.

Thing is I don’t mind those light multiple military drums if the shits done proper. Think Gangsta shit with Bun-B and M-1 on a surprising Muggs production. But if you gots to feel the DS for what it is, lets go to the southern states to find some good one, far away from your Paul Wall and your Lil Wayne and shit. Lets get to Norfolk, VA. Lets get to Nottz roots.
Nottz is maybe the one that creates the real DS spirit. Nuttin to do with his funky banging boom bap trcks for Busta. Nah. Nottz being home means the dirty grimey drums are out. Very few sampling, just synths and horns, filthy arrogant simple drums, heavy basslines just posed on the track, with a final touch of bad mixing. Sometimes the DMP tracks sound like there is no final mixing –and a lot of friends to run the track. What’s DMP ? What’s Teamsta ? Here we go kiddies. DMP sets the tone : dirty muzeek productionz. And it is filthy, for sure. Feels good to have a dirty south worth its name.

Boogieman is the dude it started with. D. Lamb and him were a group, and when Boogieman went to NY, he connected with no others than Smoothe the Hustler, Trigga the gambler. And DV alias Khrist, who had just signed to Def Jam. Boogieman gave him a beat CD from Nottz – Yo Nottz, where that beat cd at ? We need this ! – and the rest is history. The track he chose was the future Holy Water. So Boogieman is not just an average cat Nottz worked with. If he got the privilege to get the Just U wait track, its not for nothing. Cause Nottz seems to be a loyal cat, for whom honour means something. And damn Boogie ripped that track. And Masta Ace along with it, cause I never felt, nor understood, how Acknowledge was a winner on this. Come on, Ace lost it, period. Plus kinda lied. But that’s past now….or is it. That’s what they say. Check the squashing beef battle, and dare telling me Ace won. Of course Boogie prepared his shit, but the Abc rhymes Ace delivers are really embarrassing. But that’s something else.

Boogieman is the brother. Now come along two others emceez. Nottz went to school with a dude named Star. Big Shot used to hang around with this Star and his homies. Nottz states that he was “a lazy writer” with a reputation though. The aspiring emcee came to Nottzs mom’s crib. “He came over and I told him, ‘I heard you was lazy and shit’. But he was like, ‘Na, I ain’t lazy’. So I asked him to spit and I immediately felt it” .
Nottz is direct–speaking, humble, but straight on what he expects and remains exigent on the peeps he works with. Strong foundations, strong muzeek. He doesn’t like cuckoos and flattery, and when it comes to breaking it down to those that don’t work, or don’t work the right way, he does his dirty laundry no doubt. Killa Khi replaced a dude in the former DMP formation that they got rid of.

The nicest story – and maybe my favourite DMP emcee, the 4th one – Is Blackndeckah. Let Nottz tell his story, and appreciate the kinda heart Nottz seems to have. “As far as Black N Deckah goes, me and my brother were playing beats in my mom’s car in ’95 and we pulled up to a Burger King. Black and two of his homeboys were there, and they were listening to the music because we were playing it so loud. So they walked over asking us what we were playing. So we told them what was up, and one thing lead to another, and now that’s my nigga. He been down since day one, when a nigga ain’t have shit.”

Here it is. DMP in full effect.

So most of the tracks you’ll find in volume 2 are grimey, simple, hard hitting, and just filthy. Listen to the poor mix, saturated drums, and eardrums hurting bassline on Call the Ambulance or Bang your hammerz. But damn that’s good. Some are really state of the art Nottz musical secretions. Listen to Blackndeckahs You, a gem among charcoal tracks. Listen to Just u wait, and try to remember Aces line – I would diss you to your track if it wasn’t that wack, in substance – without grining out of pity for the former juice crew emcee.

Nottz clearly states the material released on the two DMP Lps is not the best thing he could have done, due to label issues, likes and dislikes. Thing is he gots more than a HUNDRED joints recorded with the Team and ready to drop. An LP was supposed to be released after Snoops That’s that. Lets wait, we definitely got more to come, and seems like we only had a preview of what the Norfolk boys have to deliver. Like Nottz states himself, “ it was a bunch of old shit anyway, so I didn’t really fuck with it. I mean, it’s still selling here and there, but it could’ve been better than what it was, way better.”. Imagine how hard DMP is gonna hit with the proper work and mastering.

Let Nottz conclude. And long live this kind of DS, far from money, back to fun, good music, and good people, sticking to each other, and having each other’s back. The way DS was created, the path Nottz walks, the spirit actual cash winning club DS will never get the chance to faint and fake.
“ Some niggas is like… It ain’t what they do on wax. It’s kind of hard, because a lot of niggas, when they do get paid, it’s a whole different ball game because they start to front for a lot of niggas… Like me, my manager and my peoples man, we always going to be the same, no matter how much money we get, or how much money we come across. We gone always be the same niggas man, never ever change for that shit.”

Here is volume 2 : Nottz at home – Going raw way south, VA

1- Blackndeckah – 24Hr Blues feat Khizman
2 – Blackndeckah – Durte feat Nottz
3 – Blackndeckah – My brother – DMP feat 13Jayz Dee
4 – Blackndeckah – The Life feat Nottz
5 – Blackndeckah – You
6 – Boogieman – Just u wait (DJ Spinbad mixed version)
7 – DJ Drama – Talk ‘Bout Me feat Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo
8 – Krumbsnatcha – Blaze feat. Nottz, Spoon & Blackndekuh
9 – Krumbsnatcha – Boston To Va Feat. Fam-Lay
10 – DMP – Bang Ya Hammerz
11 – DMP – Call The Ambulance
12 – Nottz – Cant hide the Truth feat. Kardinal Offishall and Cory Gunz
13 – DMP – Cold
14 – DMP – Don’t Wanna Give That Up
15 – DMP – Durte Muzik
16 – DMP – Freestyle (Feat. Petey Pablo)
17 – DMP – Get Live (Feat. Krumbsnatcha)
18 – DMP – Hear Me Knockin’
19 – DMP – How Ya Wannit
20 – DMP – Mr. Smiff-N-Wessun Man
21 – DMP – My South Game feat. Royce Da 5’9
22 – DMP – Ohh
23 – DMP – Pop Em feat. Famlay
24 – DMP – So High
25 – Nottz presents DMP – Intro
26 – Nottz presents DMP – We Rock-n-roll
27 – Nottz presents DMP – Whatcha gonna do
28 – Shakes feat. Nottz – Back up off me

— Thereallex

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