Blogospheric Conditions: Feliz Navidad

Notice Anything About Hip Hop/Rap Music Criticism, Lately? – Amir Said theorizes about the decline of quality hip hop coverage and the emergence of blogs.

2010: The Year In Hip Hop Literature – Ivan gives us a rundown on the hip-hop related books that were published in the past year.

Maynholup’s Top 20 Tracks of the Year – Occasional Cocaine Blunts guest blogger discusses his favorite twenty songs of 2010, most of which are not the ones you see mentioned in typical blogospheric lists.

Lex Is More – Noz makes an especially good point about how a rapidly formed critical consensus can actually suffocate nuanced critique.

Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Year – RM sheds light on a few releases that have been generally overlooked.

Pop Muzik – The Martorialist lists his five favorite uses of 80s pop by rappers in the past five years.

MC Shan – Bust The Facts links us to downloads of MC Shan’s early vinyl singles. Shan gets a bad rap to this day even though he had some great songs, so this post is certainly needed and welcomed.

calle 13: a video retrospective – DJ Jeff Fresh curates a retrospective look at the career of one of reggaeton’s most respected and politically outspoken acts.



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  2. noz says:

    I didn’t actually make the very good point – it was quoted from Alex Macpherson – http://alexmacpherson.tumblr.com/post/2416733678/yeah-the-other-thing-about-the-kanye-diddy

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